We at APS encourage you to get involved in opposing the proposed cosmetic surgery tax which is now part of the Healthcare reform bill being considered in the Senate.  This tax would not only include cosmetic surgery, but Botox and dermal fillers.  This tax is trying to put cosmetic procedures in the arena of a vice such as tobacco and alcohol which are taxed because of adverse health effects.  It discriminates against women as well as the middle class since the average income of a cosmetic patient is now $60,000 per year.
The reporting of this tax is a violation of your right to privacy.  Similar taxes at the state level have failed to collect the expected revenue. New Jersey actually lost $3.39 for every $1 collected in cosmetic taxes over a 2 year period.
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has more information on their website here.
We encourage you to call 1-877-221-8207 which is a phone line to connect you to your Senators office to voice your opposition to this tax.
The possible effective date is Jan 1, 2010, so the time to act is now.