Kansas City native Joseph Cannova, Jr., M.D. joined APSKC in 1998, a tenure that has allowed him to develop and refine his skills in cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction.
Doctor Cannova says his interest in plastic surgery emerged during his first year as a surgical resident. From that point forward he worked towards becoming a plastic surgeon.
Now, as an experienced plastic surgeon, Doctor Cannova devotes his time to listening to the patients and identifying what surgery is going to bring the best outcome. “I feel like if you listen to the patient ahead of time and find out what their specific needs and wants are, you can match a surgery to those desires.” This allows the patient to experience a change in how they see themselves and boosts self confidence.
Doctor Cannova identifies Body(Slim Lipo) and breast contouring as his major areas of focus. Everything from tummy tuck and liposuction to breast augmentation and body lift can be offered to patients depending on their circumstances. For Doctor Cannova, successfully completing a procedure is about more than fixing what a patient may see as a physical flaw. “With some of these procedures you can change the way a patient thinks about herself and her self image, you can boost her confidence,” he says. “The patient may not change how she is doing things but the surgery gives her the confidence to approach life differently.”
As plastic surgery procedures continue to evolve Doctor Cannova says he offers more outpatient surgeries. “We can take old techniques and turn them into modern procedures that can give you the same outcomes with less down time, less expense, and less anesthesia,” he says, “with in-office face lifts becoming an increasingly popular option.