Associated Plastic Surgeons patient, Debbie is the national spokesperson for Lee Denim Day. Lee Denim Day began in 1996. Employees can donate $5.00 to wear jeans to work for a day in October. The proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society and the fight against breast cancer. Since it’s first year, Lee National Denim Day has raised more than $86 million for the fight against breast cancer and unites nearly one million supporters nationwide.
Courageous and calm, Debbie lives in Missouri, where she continues her fight against breast cancer. Since she was forty, Debbie has had her yearly mammogram and at 46, cancer was discovered in her left breast. After a double mastectomy, cancer cells still remained. With determination, Debbie began chemotherapy in April 2012. Though sometimes overwhelmed, Debbie attributes her never-ending optimism and perseverance to her supportive husband, Jeff, and two loving daughters. Debbie knows she couldn’t continue her fight without her family, and asks you to join a team today to help fight cancer with Lee Jeans and the American Cancer Society. Please watch Debbie’s video to see her touching story.