Neograft Hair Restoration

Slide93Have you recently noticed that your hairline is getting a little thin? Or have you been denying the truth for many years, sporting the classic “comb over” in a futile attempt to hide your shiny scalp? If either of these situations apply to you, it is time to get educated on the process of hair restoration. You may have the impression that “men are supposed to be bald, it’s what we do!” or “getting hair transplants is too feminine for me!” but these assumptions are SO not true. Lots of men are finding out that getting hair transplants helps to improve self-esteem, enabling them to feel confident when going for a job interview or going on a first date. Even if you are already married and have been at the same career for 20 years, looking and feeling younger is meant for everyone.
So, what exactly is a hair transplant?
There are several reasons why men lose their hair. Age is one obvious reason, but many men begin losing their hair in their early twenties. This premature loss of hair is mostly due to genetics. Male-pattern baldness is a genetic condition that increases sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is produced by the male hormone testosterone. Men with this condition will first begin to notice that their once thick hair is becoming finer and thinner, then their hairline will begin to recede. The end result is a very noticeable hair-free scalp.
Hair transplants are used to restore lost and thinning hair with new hair that has been “donated” from another part of the body. This donor hair is usually retrieved from the back of the head. This donor site is chosen due to the fact that this type of hair is naturally resistant to the sensitivity of testosterone, so therefore is not likely to fall out after being transplanted. The hair follicles from the donor site are removed and moved to the scalp during the transplant.
What Makes Neograft Different?
There are several different types of hair restoration treatments on the market, but we prefer the Neograft hair transplant. It is a non-surgical procedure that requires no incision, does not leave behind a scar and involves very little downtime after the procedure is finished. Neograft is an automated piece of equipment that gently suctions hair from a donor area into follicular units. Each unit consists of 1 to 4 hairs that will be stored in a sterilized container and kept moist until they are transplanted onto the scalp. Each hair is transplanted onto a specific area of the scalp, leaving behind a natural-looking head of hair. One of the best features of the Neograft hair restoration process is the fact that during the procedure there will be no handling of the hair follicles. This is very important because hair follicles are delicate and can be damaged during the process of harvesting and replanting. If trauma occurs, the hair may not survive the transplant.
Neograft is also a much safer option than having surgery. The procedure in minimally invasive and only requires a local anesthetic to numb the area. With no incision, there is less bleeding, no stitches and minimal discomfort. Your hair will begin to grow naturally after several months and your hair will be thicker and fuller.
Be YOU again!
With the Neograft hair transplant, your natural hair will begin growing 3 to 4 months after the procedure and you will be able to see real results somewhere around the 6-month mark. Since there will be no scar at the transplant site, you will be able to wear your hair however you like. Although the hairs that are transplanted are permanent, hair loss may continue as you shed the non-transplanted hair that surround the grafts. Continual maintenance, including additional Neograft procedures and using products that help with thinning, will ensure that your hair remains healthy and thick. While you may never regain the massive head of hair you had as a teenager, you will no longer have a slick, shiny, hairless head.
Another awesome detail about the Neograft hair restoration method is that it is not only for men. Women can also have the procedure without having to worry about shaving their heads. The technology used by the Neograft system allows for only small areas of the donor site to be shaved, leaving behind the longer hair to use as a cover-up until the hair starts to grow naturally. If you want to learn more about Neograft hair restoration or would like to schedule a consultation, contact our office today!