downloadHave you been thinking about having a breast augmentation? Or maybe a tummy tuck? Or are you ready to turn back time with a facelift? More importantly, are you excited about the opportunity to do something for yourself?
First, congratulations on choosing to take care of YOU and give yourself the confidence that you have always desired.
Second, did you know that the best time to have plastic surgery is just around the corner? The late fall and winter seasons are considered to be the perfect time of year to have all types of plastic surgery. While plastic surgery can be performed any time, even during the summer, plastic surgeons have found that the cooler months, starting in late September and ending the beginning of March, offer a few extra benefits that will help you during your recovery while giving you the best results possible.
So if you are ready to get serious about a new you, here are few reasons why you should have plastic surgery during the winter:
Preparing is Easier
One of the best reasons to have plastic surgery during the winter is that you have plenty of time to prepare for surgery and recovery. If you still need to lose a few pounds or you need to kick a smoking habit, you can use the summer and early fall months to get outside and exercise or to take a vacation where you can relax and focus on your health. You can also take this time to line up a babysitter if you need one, complete extra assignments at work so you don’t get behind during your recovery period and stock your home with things that you will need to make your recovery easier. If you are planning on having your surgery during the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, you may also want to make arrangements with family and friends about possible changes to your normal holiday routine.
Temperatures Are Cooler
Bruising and swelling are common and unavoidable side effects of plastic surgery, and it takes a few weeks for these symptoms to fade. Whether you do not want your decision to have plastic surgery to be public knowledge or you are just not fitting well into your clothes, the colder temps give you a reason to layer up and camouflage your swollen body. With the colder temps, you can also have a good excuse to take this time to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of your home. Catch up on your reading or binge watch your favorite show on television while not worrying about applying makeup, doing your hair or changing out of your pajamas.
Better Recovery
Being able to rest and take it easy are critical to a great recovery with optimal results. During the winter, it is easier to take time off from work due to holiday schedules and you are more likely to stay indoors where you can adequately relax and rest. Your children will be in school, so you can focus on your own needs, making sure that you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Most importantly, heat and scorching sun rays can lead to many problems such as increased swelling, bleeding and prolonged healing in the incision site, so keeping cool and dry is essential for proper healing. In addition, some procedures require the use of a post-op garment and these can become incredible sweaty and uncomfortable in the summer.
Less Sun
The sun’s rays are very damaging to the skin, especially when the skin is trying to mend after surgery. Too much sun exposure can cause the wound to take longer to completely heal, which can lead to infection. In the winter, the daylight hours are lessened and the sun is not quite as intense. These two conditions, plus the fact that most people stay inside more often during the winter, helps to keep sun exposure at a minimum. For procedures that involve the skin, such as laser resurfacing, it is recommended that a patient stay out of direct sunlight for at least six weeks to prevent uneven tanning of the skin.
Our board-certified surgeons are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our patients, starting before your procedure where we will do an in-depth consultation to assess your overall health and to answer any questions that you may have. Our care continues during your procedure and afterwards as we monitor your post-op recovery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you!