The winter season is considered to be the best time for plastic surgery. You can stay inside, snuggled up with a good book and let your body heal. Many people get a break during the holidays and plan their breast augmentation or other surgery during that time. If you have scheduled your breast augmentation around your Christmas break (it’s just a month away!), you may be wondering what you should be doing to get ready.
Your doctor may have already given you some instructions, and it is very important to follow them exactly the way they are given to you. We also wanted to add in some other things that you may have forgotten during the excitement of dreaming about how awesome you are going to look with your new breasts.
Prepare Yourself for Recovery
Go to the grocery store, make sure you have plenty of clean, comfy clothes including button-up shirts, relocate your favorite pillow and blanket to the recliner (it will be your bed for a few days), and make sure you have plenty of ice packs and a heating pad available. You will not be able to reach over your head after surgery, so put some snacks and water bottles on a low counter, or even better, set you up a post-op station next to the recliner so you will have them next to you. Fill any prescriptions that your doctor has given you for pain and any other medications that you may take on a daily basis.
Double Check Everything
Have kids or fur babies? Call the babysitter to confirm times and go over schedules so you will not forget anything during the rush of getting ready to leave for surgery. You will need someone to drive you home, so you will also want to confirm with that person to make sure they know what time to pick you up and what they can expect while waiting for you during the procedure. Make sure you have everything you need. You may want to pack a small bag that has important things such as your credit card, driver’s license, water, snacks, money and whatever else you may need.
After you have your house in order, your fridge stocked and you know where your kids will be, it is time to relax and enjoy the evening. Invite some friends or family over to watch movies, play some games or just to hang out. It is normal to get nervous before surgery and having people around you will help you keep from getting anxious. If having people over is not your idea of a relaxing evening, then do whatever it is you do to unwind. Take a hot bath, read a book, paint, or love on your kids. The key is to keep your mind focused on things other than surgery. Remember, having a good time is encouraged as long as you abstain from alcohol, smoking or other drugs that may interfere with your surgery or recovery.
Get Plenty of Rest
Kick out your company at an appropriate hour so that you can get a good night of sleep. Being rested will help your body bounce back more quickly after surgery and will also help with anxiety. Having trouble sleeping? Have your husband give you a massage to relax your muscles, or if you haven’t already, soak in a warm bath in a dimly lit room. Add some soft music. Try some deep breathing exercises. If your surgery is in the afternoon, you may be able to sleep late or take a mid-day nap for some extra ZZZs.
Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions
All of the things listed above do not take the place of your surgeon’s instructions. It is vital that you write down the specific list of things to do that are tailored to your needs. Ask plenty of questions at your appointments so you are 100% prepared for your surgery. You may have to begin your preparation up to a month prior to your surgery if you smoke, take blood thinners or drink alcohol.
We have talked about what you should do, now let’s add a few things you SHOULD NOT do!

  • Internet research. This one is pretty obvious. You will scare yourself to death.
  • Make changes to your plans. Your initial plans that you have discussed with your doctor are the best option. One day before your procedure is not time to decide that you want to be three sizes bigger.
  • Lay in the tanning bed or out in the sun. The sun damages your skin and delays healing.
  • Binge eat everything in your house. You may get sick after your surgery.  That will not be pretty.

You are going to love the way you look and feel after your breast augmentation. Being prepared just helps the process go much smoother. If you have any questions about your surgery or you want to schedule a procedure with one of our board-certified doctors, call us today!