CoolSculpting has emerged as an impressive non-surgical body contouring option, which for some people, is a better choice than liposuction. This is a relatively new treatment, but it has already proven to offer excellent results for many patients.
Basically, rather than using surgery to remove fat – as is done with liposuction, CoolSculpting allows the plastic surgeon to freeze areas of fat on a patient. This is a good option for patients who are already fit and simply have areas of fat that they have not been able to eliminate. Fat freezing is known as cryolipolysis, and it can be used to attack areas of fat cells without actually damaging other cells in the area.
Some areas of the body are a better fit for CoolSculpting than others. The following list includes three parts of the body where you may be better off using CoolSculpting as opposed to liposuction.
The Abdominal Area
It should go without saying that this is easily the leading target patients have in mind when they visit a plastic surgeon to ask about liposuction or other fat-removing procedures. This is the area of the body where fat tends to congregate most easily, and it is difficult to get rid of these fat stores once they develop. If you have love handles that you would like to reduce, CoolSculpting is a strong option to consider.
The reason that CoolSculpting may be more beneficial in this case is the fact that this is a non-invasive treatment. There will be no incisions to worry about, so you will feel more comfortable when it comes time to put on your bathing suit. Also, the process required for a CoolSculpting treatment is far quicker and simpler than liposuction. As long as you are in good physical condition and deemed a good candidate for the fat freezing method, treating your abdominal area in this way has great potential.
The Thighs
CoolSculpting treatment can be used in the thigh area as well, often to great effect. The inner thighs or outer thighs can be treated when this approach is selected. Again here, the benefit of CoolSculpting has to do with the specifics of the process. You won’t be admitted for surgery like you will with liposuction, and you won’t have to deal with any recovery time. You can simply visit an office for a CoolSculpting treatment and go on with the rest of your day.
Even if you are in good health and you are maintaining a relatively healthy weight, you might struggle to create the thighs you would like to see in the mirror. This is a tricky part of the body to target, so enlisting the help of this exciting new technology is something to think about carefully.
The Back
It can be easy to overlook back fat, as this is not an area of your body that you see on a day to day basis. When you look in the mirror, you obviously see your front, without catching much of a glimpse of your back. However, if you feel that you have unwanted fat on your back, or if you see a picture of yourself that is less-than-flattering, you may want to target this area with the help of CoolSculpting. The back is a particularly useful area for the use of this procedure because there is little that you can do on your own to get rid of fat in this region of your body.
Avoiding liposuction in this area of the body is desirable because it is so noticeable when you have your shirt off in public. You won’t have to deal with scars, and you also won’t have to go through the experience and recovery of having surgery. With no scars to heal and no sign that you have had any kind of treatment at all, you will simply be able to look forward to the improvements offered by the procedure.
There are still plenty of cases where liposuction is the right option as compared to CoolSculpting. As you might expect, you should speak with an experienced plastic surgeon regarding your options before you decide which direction you would like to go. A plastic surgeon will be able to tell you which procedure makes the most sense based on your needs.
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