Ahhh, the busyness of the holidays can make anyone want to scream out loud. Your days are filled with shopping, baking, and making sure your kids are getting the “holiday experience” can leave you worn out and defeated at the end of the day. Don’t let this be you! Yes, it is important to make sure our kids enjoy themselves, but it is actually more important to make sure that you take care of yourself! You need peace and quiet, a calm minute of the day. Take a look at how pampering can help you get through this holiday season in one piece!
Reduce Stress
Spending some time doing something that you love will greatly reduce your stress levels. When you have been looking for the hottest toy on the market for your 5-year old, and you have literally visited 50 stores in an 8-hour period, it may be time to stop and take a breath! Schedule a 30-minute massage, order your favorite latte or just simply take a nap! The key is to not let yourself get so worked up that you begin to feel the side effects of too much stress. Find ways that you can eliminate non-essentials from your daily routine. A great way to pamper yourself, and add more time to your schedule is getting laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal uses heat to stop the growth of the hair follicle. It can be used on the back, legs, arms, chest, bikini area and face. The sessions can take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the area you are having treated. You can go back to your normal activities as soon as your session is over and you will begin to see your hair diminish in about a week. You may need a few more sessions, but eventually, you will be finished with shaving for good!
Reduce Depression
Have you ever heard of the “Winter Blues”? It refers to a seasonal depression that many people get during the winter. Lack of sunshine, stressing over money, and feeling overwhelmed with things to do can get a person down. If you notice that you are in a bad mood, you can lift your spirits by taking time to do something for yourself. If your skin is drying out due to the weather, treat yourself to a skin care treatment, such as a HydraFacial or a Signature Treatment, in our Medical Spa.
A HydraFacial uses a combination of exfoliation, cleansing, and added hydration to give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. It is infused with antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid, which provides lasting results. Our Signature Treatment is a deep-cleansing treatment that uses an alpha-hydroxy acid, or a beta-hydroxy acid, in combination with a special enzyme to make a customized mask that will treat dryness and restore hydration. A day at the spa can lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself.
Boost Your Self-Esteem
This brings us to our next point. One of the causes of winter-time depression is feeling bad about ourselves. Maybe we do not have a significant other, maybe we have gained weight or we have experienced some other type of setback. Treating yourself during the holidays can give you a boost that you desperately need. If you have noticed some fine lines and wrinkles that have popped up over the last year, make yourself an appointment to get Botox or Juvederm to restore a youthful appearance. If you have a little extra fat hanging around, try our Coolscupting procedure that freezes away excess fat cells to give you a more contoured look.
Boost Your Enjoyment of The Holidays
The main reason to pamper yourself during the holidays is so that you can enjoy the season. With a little downtime for yourself, you can revel in the excitement of seeing your kids open their gifts on Christmas morning, you can appreciate the time spent with your family, and you can maintain your sanity for another year. Pampering doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as enjoying a piece of chocolate in silence, or you can treat yourself to something you know you deserve.
Our Medical Spa offers many different ways you can treat yourself. Whether you would like to try one of our skin care treatments or you would like to tighten the skin on your face and neck, we can help. ThermiRF is the latest in skin tightening technology and is used to treat the around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, forehead, and neck by using a controlled heat sensor that feels like gentle, warm massage. We also offer professional-grade skin care products, eyelash extensions and eyelash and eyebrow tinting.
Don’t let the holiday blues keep you down. Contact us today and treat yourself to a day at our MedSpa!