Spring is finally here, but the harsh winter weather can sure do a number on the delicate skin on our faces. Bitter cold winds and high indoor temps leave our skin, and especially our lips, dry and flaky. Not an awesome look for anyone! The other skin on our body can be easily covered with clothes, mittens, shoes, and toboggans, but our face is not as easily protected. That is why we have to be extremely diligent about our daily/weekly routine for skincare.
We have talked a lot about skin care, but we have forgotten to mention one very important part of the face: the lips. Chapped lips are not only unsightly, but also a breeding ground for germs that can cause inflammation or a bacterial infection. Yuck! The good thing is there are plenty of things that you can do to repair your lips and get ready for the warm spring weather.
Keep Your Lips Hydrated!
It is so simple, drink lots and lots of water! Amazingly, this one step is going to protect your lips, and your skin, from drying out more than any product out there! Drinking the recommended amount of water for the day, plus using a humidifier at night so your air is moist, will go a long way in keeping your skin soft and smooth.
But, Don’t Use Your Tongue!
Don’t lick your lips!!!  This is bad, bad, bad! You may be thinking, “Well my saliva is moisture, right?” Well, yes, it is, but it only gives temporary relief and leaves your lips vulnerable. When you lick your lips, your saliva removes precious natural oils and introduces acids and bacteria from your mouth, which can dry out the skin even more or lead to an infection.
Make Sure Your Products Contain The Right Ingredients!
To combat your chapped lips, you are going to need the right arsenal of products. Chapstick, sunscreen and mild exfoliant will help you to fight off the effects of the weather. Look for a lip balm that includes an SPF of 30 or higher. (You will also want to use sunscreen on the rest of your face, so don’t forget to get a facial moisturizer with SPF 30 too!) When purchasing your lip product, look for ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E or natural oils that will nourish your skin. Synthetic products will only lead to build-up on your lips that will make the problem worse.
Exfoliation should be done with a professional product, using a light touch and only done a few times during the winter season. The lips are delicate, so you will want a gentle exfoliant and gentle touch. Afterwards, be sure to apply plenty of lip balm!
Plump Your Lips for Spring!
Now that you know how to keep your lips smooth and hydrated, you may be wondering how to get plumper, more voluminous lips. I mean, you didn’t do all that work for nothing, right! Whether you just want a little oomph to enhance your smile, or you would like to rival Angelina Jolie in the pucker department, we can help! Juvederm offers an injectable filler that will give your lips a boost. The procedure is called a lip augmentation, sister to the breast augmentation that increases the size of your breasts. A lip augmentation can be an add-on to a facelift to complete your younger look or it can be used to even out lips in scenarios where either the upper or lower lip is thinner.
The procedure doesn’t take that long and there is no downtime where you have to limit your activities. Small, fine needles are inserted into the lips and a hyaluronic acid is injected deep into the tissue. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can already be found in your body and it is used to attract and hold moisture and increase collagen. There are only very minimal side effects, mostly a little swelling right after the procedure, and results are immediate!
There is no time like the present to get gorgeous, soft, full lips. Pamper yourself a little during these cold months and be ready to enjoy the spring and summer months to their fullest! If you have any questions about Juvederm and lip augmentation, or you would like information on the skin care products we offer, please give us a call today. You can schedule your appointment with one of our amazing estheticians who have years of experience at making sure your face looks natural and beautiful!