One area of the body that many people wish to improve as they get older is around their eyes.  Many times, people are frustrated with their appearance because the excess skin creates a tired appearance.  In cases like this, an eyelid lift in Kansas City might be the best option to help give your eyes a boost of youth.

As a premier facility featuring the best Kansas City plastic surgeonsAssociated Plastic Surgeons has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eyelid lift procedures.  This article will explain some of the things you can expect during an eyelid lift in Kansas City. 


Before the procedure can take place, you will meet with one of our Kansas City plastic surgeons to see if you are a candidate for an eyelid lift.  You will discuss your past medical history, family history, and current lifestyle.  You will also be informed of any potential risks that come along with the procedure. 

Before the procedure can take place, you will meet with one of our Kansas City plastic surgeons to see if you are a candidate for an eyelid lift. 


Our cosmetic surgeons in Kansas City prefer using local anesthesia and sedation for eyelid lifts.  The procedure will take place at either our office or possibly another licensed plastic surgery med spa in Kansas City.  During surgery, your surgeon will make an incision in the contours of your upper or lower eyelid.  In some cases, incisions will be made on both eyelids if necessary.  The tissue is removed or repositioned to your preference, and then the incisions are closed. 

eyelid lift in Kansas City


To ensure an efficient recovery after an eyelid lift in Kansas City, we recommend keeping your head elevated until the initial swelling has gone away.  You may find it necessary to sleep in a recliner for a bit; this will ensure that your head is always elevated.   

To keep the surgically repaired area undisturbed, make sure to always wear sunglasses while outside to protect your eyes from brightness and wind.  Sunglasses will significantly prevent the chance of scarring or infection. 

Returning to Normal Activity 

A few days after their procedure, many people will return to light activity such as office or household work.  However, if your job requires extensive physical labor, we suggest taking a few extra days off.  One of our cosmetic surgeons in Kansas City will give you a recommended timeline for your recovery after surgery is complete. 

eyelid lift in Kansas City

If you are looking for a procedure to help give you a little more confidence in your appearance, such as an eyelid lift, dermaplaning, or microneedling in Kansas City, give Associated Plastic Surgeons a call today at (913) 451-3722.  Our friendly, experienced team has one ultimate goal in mind – to ensure that you are thrilled with your new appearance!  We look forward to hearing from you!