Laser hair removal has become a very popular procedure in recent years. Not only is there almost no downtime, but the promise of a stubble-free, razor-free life also has many people rushing to the nearest location that offers this service. Like any medical or cosmetic procedure, it’s important to do your research and know all the benefits and side effects beforehand. Here is a great list of things that you should know before having laser hair removal in Kansas City by one of the best Kansas City plastic surgeons.


  • Treatments take time and multiple visits to see results. Laser hair removal requires somewhere between 8-12 treatments depending on the area and hair and usually takes time after treatment to reach full results.


  • You have to shave the hair in the area you have laser hair removal before each treatment. This means that it isn’t a one-time and done type procedure but an accumulative effect over time. So don’t throw away your razors and shaver just yet. The area receiving laser hair removal from Kansas City plastic surgeons has to be free from any product; therefore, running over your lunch hour is achievable but not likely if you use lotions, deodorant, makeup, or other products on your skin before work.

laser hair removal in Kansas City

  • Laser hair removal in Kansas City is only mildly painful. The procedure works by heating and damaging the hair follicle with a laser. Depending on the area and your level of pain tolerance, the feeling may vary, but most people describe it as only a minor quick prick type of pain.


  • You are limited physically and cannot sweat or get overheated for at least a day. Sitting in a hot tub, enjoying a nice bath, or working out are all prohibited as this might create an environment for bacteria to grow on your skin. Keeping cool for a day is essential in the healing process.


  • You cannot use fake tanner, acids, scrubs, or retinal creams within two days before and up to 2 weeks after your treatment. This varies depending on the individual, and you should check with your doctor on what products you currently use. Kansas City plastic surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons would be glad to answer any questions during the treatment process on products.


laser hair removal in Kansas City

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