Plastic Surgery For Men:  The Latest Trend

Plastic Surgery For Men: The Latest Trend

Women have been enjoying the benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery for years, turning back the hands of time by erasing wrinkles on the face, lifting sagging skin around the face and neck and by ridding their bodies of excess fat cells to get a slimmer, younger looking body. In the past, men tended to stay away from this area of medicine, claiming cosmetic procedures as being “feminine” or “unmanly.” Thankfully, in today’s culture, men have had a change in their mindset and can see the benefits of treatments such as Botox, blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts), laser treatments and liposuction. With the workplace being so competitive, it is important to do what you can to lift your confidence and self-esteem. Here a few of the most common procedures for men:
Eyelid Lift – Whether you are in a corporate office or a police officer walking the beat, you want to look rested and alert while on the job. Sagging eyelids can give you a permanent “tired” or “droopy” look that is unattractive and can interfere with the image you want to portray to potential clients and co-workers. An eyelid lift removes this excess skin and leaves behind smoother, younger looking eyes. Your new eyes will brighten up the rest of your face and change your entire appearance.
Male Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes an increase in the fat and tissue in the pectoral area (a.k.a. “man boobs”) and is often the result of hormone changes, a side effect of certain medicines or just a condition that you are born with. Thank you genetics! Having a breast reduction surgery will remove any surplus fat and skin tissue, tighten the skin around the areola and will help to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain that is commonly related to gynecomastia.
Botox Cosmetic – The Botox Cosmetic injections used for men are the same ones used for women. These injections will help to reduce wrinkles, restore volume, erase crow’s feet and smile lines and can even be injected into the chin to give it a more defined appearance. Botox injections do not have a recovery period associated with the procedure and can often be done as a same day appointment. The results usually last around 3 months and you can immediately see the results. You can also try other injectable treatments such as Juvederm and Radiesse, depending on the type of treatment you prefer.
Liposuction – No one likes a muffin top, whether you are a woman or a man! Liposuction removes fat cells to give your mid-section more definition and a more contoured look. Liposuction can also be used to shape other areas such as your arms, thighs and neck. If you are looking for something less invasive.
Neck Lift – A neck lift consists of two separate procedures, cervicoplasty and a platysmaplasty, that will rejuvenate the neck making it look firmer and slimmer. A cervicoplasty is used to remove excess skin while the playsmaplasty is performed to remove or alter neck muscles. For men, the face and neck area is the most important because it is the first impression someone will have when they meet you. Sculpting the neck and face together can greatly increase your self-confidence and will completely change the way you look.
Laser Skin Treatments – Laser treatments are used to smooth out imperfections such as acne scars, eliminating age spots and can remove unwanted hair on the face, back or neck. Even the most stubborn back hair can be erased leaving behind smooth skin with no need to ever bust back out the shaving cream and razor. Laser treatments are also used to reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone to give your face an all over rejuvenation.
Our staff has an outstanding amount of knowledge and experience working with men who are choosing plastic and cosmetic surgery. We know that working with men is a different dynamic than working with women and we ensure that our male clients know that their procedures will be geared precisely to their personal needs. We offer free consultations for our clients so we can discuss your needs and expectations. Call us today for an appointment with one of our board cert