Kansas City native Dr. Mark W. McClung has practiced at Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City since 1992, a tenure that has allowed him to explore two of the things he enjoys most about plastic surgery—creativity and precision.
“The field itself presents a great combination of creativity and precision that you need to be able to succeed,” he says. “It also requires a lot of three-dimensional planning and reasoning, which was an area I’ve always enjoyed.”

Like other doctors at APS, Dr. McClung maintains a busy practice in breast reconstruction and performs a combination of tissue- and implant-based reconstruction. He’s also experienced with body contouring, including one of the clinic’s newest procedures, SlimLipo.
“This particular brand of laser has a different wavelength than other laser liposuction machines on the market and is more specific to emulsifying fat,” he says. “It’s a new and exciting option.”
Dr. McClung has maintained an ongoing interest in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty, and says these are areas that reflect his expertise and skill even as the changing landscape of plastic surgery serves as a catalyst for evolving procedures and patient requests.
Facial rejuvenation includes face, eye and brow lifts as well as the use of fillers, Botox and fat grafts. “The challenge is how you combine and sequence these treatments to optimize every patients result, as well as being cost effective. It’s a multi layered approach these days which is different than past decades and it’s still evolving. Many people begin the process of facial rejuvenation with fillers and Botox then transition to surgery when appropriate. This allows the patient to have incremental improvements with softness and harmony in their results.”
APS offers “the whole spectrum of optimal anti-aging,” says Dr. McClung, and thanks to extensive training undertaken by Dr. McClung and all APS doctors, patients can be confident in the skill and knowledge that guides each procedure.
“When you have someone who’s trained in all of that, it gives the patient the very best option in terms of accomplishing what they want to accomplish with the best available options, as compared to someone who’s more limited in what they can offer,” he says. “I think that’s where our value is—we’re trained to do it all so that we can produce the best results that pertain to particular patients and their desires.”