Implant/Expander Reconstruction in Kansas City

Breast reconstruction surgery offers women who have had a single or double mastectomy the ability to restore their silhouette and body contour. This transformational procedure can help improve a woman’s self-image and self-confidence.

Breast reconstruction is possible when there is enough healthy skin and tissue to support an implant, and it is appropriate for women who do not need radiation therapy. Radiation can cause the skin to become rigid and tougher, raising the risk of complications around the implant.

Women who desire breast reconstruction should meet with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon before their mastectomy so their breast surgeon and plastic surgeon can work together to create a personalized treatment plan. Call today to learn how implant/expander reconstruction in Kansas City could help accomplish your goals.

Breast Reconstruction Begins With a Tissue Expander

Breast reconstruction requires some stretching of tissue in your chest to accommodate the placement of an implant. Many times, a tissue expander can be placed at the time of your mastectomy. The hospital stay is typically less than 24 hours, and some women go home the same day as the surgery.

A tissue expander can be placed under the pectoral muscle or above the pectoral muscle. The position of the tissue expander depends on several factors, including:

  • How fragile your skin is
  • The thickness of your chest muscle
  • The final size of the breast implant you choose

Before going home, the medical team will give you information about how to care for yourself, manage pain and discomfort, and take care of the JP drains, which will stay in place for the first one to two weeks after surgery. During the surgery, the tissue expander contains either air or liquid, depending on the device being used. In your first follow-up visit, roughly one to two weeks after surgery, your surgeon ensures the incision is healing well, and the JP drains may be removed.

At the second visit, our highly-trained medical team may begin the tissue expansion process by injecting liquid into a port using a small needle to enlarge the tissue expander, which helps your tissue to stretch. When the tissue expansion begins depends on your healing process. After the first injection into the tissue expander, you will visit every one to two weeks to have more fluid added. Your reconstructed breast area will be getting bigger after each expansion but will not be in permanent shape until the implant is placed.

Our knowledgeable Kansas City medical team will provide recommendations on how to stay comfortable between tissue expansions, including performing the prescribed arm and shoulder exercises, wearing supportive bras, and using a warm shower to help relax your muscles. Once your tissue expander has reached the correct size, the next stage is scheduled.

Breast Implants Are Placed After Your Tissue Is Ready

During this stage, one of our seasoned Kansas City plastic surgeons will replace the tissue expander with a permanent breast implant. For women who are not receiving chemotherapy treatment, this can happen roughly eight weeks after finishing tissue expansion. However, women who are receiving chemotherapy will need to wait until the treatments have been completed, as the drugs impact your skin’s ability to heal after surgery.

When the implants are placed, your plastic surgeon uses the same incision line that was used during the mastectomy, so you will not have different incisions. This surgery is typically called an exchange surgery, and you should be able to go home on the same day.

The final stage is nipple reconstruction and fat grafting. This is generally done approximately four months after the permanent implant has been placed for women who choose to have a nipple and areola added. There are options for nipple and areola reconstruction that include tattooing or surgical reconstruction. Some women prefer a combination of both.

Call Today to Schedule a Consultation for an Implant/Expander Reconstruction at Our Office in Kansas City

Our qualified plastic surgeons and medical team understand the emotional and mental distress you may be experiencing when facing a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. We encourage you to call our office for a consultation with one of our compassionate and skilled plastic surgeons, who will answer your questions and recommend options that best meet your needs. Our surgeons will work closely with your breast surgeon to coordinate your implant/expander reconstruction in Kansas City.