Labiaplasty in Kansas City

Each and every woman is unique, and there are many versions of “normal.” That being said, many women still struggle with the appearance or size of their labia.

Our board-certified doctors at Associated Plastic Surgeons understand that you may feel embarrassed to talk about your labia. We strive to keep you comfortable as you explain your problem and describe your goals. We personalize each labiaplasty in Kansas City to specifically address your needs. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and discuss your options with a knowledgeable staff member.

What Is Labiaplasty?

The term labiaplasty refers to surgery that changes the labia minora, the inner “lips” of tissue around your vaginal opening. Usually, tissue is removed to make the labia minora smaller, but it is possible to increase the size if you wish.

Sometimes, doctors can make changes to the labia majora—the outer skin folds of the vulva—as part of a labiaplasty in Kansas City. Other doctors will call this type of surgery labia majoraplasty. Tissue is most commonly removed, but if you are bothered by problems due to shrunken labia majora, you may want to increase their size.

Why Have Labiaplasty Surgery?

There are a variety of reasons why women in Kansas City choose to have labiaplasty. Both younger and older women may decide to have this procedure.

Long, large inner labia can cause problems. When they stick out beyond the outer labia, the inner labia that protrudes can become irritated easily. Sometimes, the extra tissue can get twisted or pulled, which can be very uncomfortable; even intercourse can be difficult. Women will notice the problem most when active and may avoid certain activities because of this. A few women also note problems with being able to clean the area effectively and can have frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) because of bacteria left behind.

As women age, they may notice a significant decrease in the size of their labia. This is due to naturally occurring fat cell death. When the reduction of fatty tissue causes problems, a woman may want to increase the size of her labia.

Some women have excess tissue over their clitoris. The hood over the clitoris is where the right and left labia majora come together in front. Careful removal of the excess tissue may improve sensitivity and help balance the area when the labia minora are decreased in size. Other women have two different sized labia minora or labia majora. Knowing their body is not even from side to side can make them uncomfortable. They may even worry about what others think when they see this.

Anything about your labia that makes you uncomfortable can be a reason to consider undergoing surgery in Kansas City.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Surgery on either labia minora or labia majora is performed at our Kansas City office under local anesthesia with light sedation or general anesthesia. The amount of tissue being removed may determine the need for general anesthesia, but you may also be given a choice when less tissue will be removed. You will be happy to know that the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures, so there is no suture removal later.

After surgery, you will return home that evening. You need to avoid rigorous physical activity and intercourse for approximately four to six weeks. There will be some swelling and pain, which will resolve in about two weeks. You can apply ice packs to ease the pain and swelling, but you should not sit in a bathtub of water or swim for about two weeks. Expect a longer recovery when significant changes are made and a shorter recovery when only small amounts of tissue are removed.

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A lady’s private parts is a private topic, but it can be important to talk about. There are many reasons why a woman may want to change her labia—so do not be embarrassed.

Associated Plastic Surgeons is here to help when you want to explore what can be done to help you feel better about your labia. We offer labiaplasty in Kansas City so that you can enjoy relief from pain and embarrassment. Call today to speak with one of our experienced plastic surgeons about whether this procedure may be right for you.