360 Lipo in Kansas City

Working out and eating healthy are long-term solutions to gain your ideal body. But this plan does not always have guaranteed results. Certain areas of your body, especially the stomach, lower waist, and love handles, can be extremely difficult to lose weight from.

360 Lipo in Kansas City offers a more permanent and safe solution to get the body you’ve always dreamed of. With the help of one of our skilled plastic surgeons, you can finally achieve your aesthetic goals. The name 360 Lipo speaks for itself: liposuction to address your entire body, especially the abdominal area. Learn more about this innovative body sculpting procedure by contacting Associated Plastic Surgeons today.

A New Approach to Liposuction

Normally, liposuction targets one area, and you would need to revisit the surgical procedure for any additional areas. This is where 360 Lipo in Kansas City is different. This process removes fat from various areas within your abdominal region, resulting in a flatter stomach and more natural contoured shape. Instead of losing weight, our talented plastic surgeons will safely remove the fat to help you achieve your desired appearance.

The Ideal Candidate for 360 Lipo

360 Lipo is not confined to one gender or body type. If you are someone who has been trying to lose weight in their abdominal region with no success, this procedure may be for you. 360 Lipo is ideal for our Kansas City patients who have stubborn fat in their lower abdomen and love handles and want to contour their shape. The surgery not only removes fat from the undesired areas around your abdomen, but it also helps reshape your waist.

The Process of 360 Lipo

Initial Process

Before your 360 Lipo operation, you will have an initial consultation at our Kansas City location with one of our highly trained plastic surgeons, who will assess your unique anatomy. They will help answer your questions and address all your concerns. You will be instructed to wear loose clothing on the day of surgery to help you dress after your procedure. 360 Lipo can be performed with local anesthesia—avoiding the potential side effects and complications of general anesthesia. You may receive a mild sedative to provide comfort during the surgery.

During the Surgery

The procedure starts with one of our experienced plastic surgeons making precise incisions on your abdominal region to start removing the fat cells. Once the incisions have been made, your plastic surgeon will insert a cannula into those areas to remove the adipose tissue. It is during this time that your plastic surgeon will either transfer the fat to another desired area of your choice (as discussed in your consultation) or the fat will be safely removed.

Post-Op and Recovery

Once your 360 Lipo procedure is complete, you may feel slight discomfort and swelling in the area. This will subside with time as your body heals. You will be given a compression garment by our team that you may be required to wear following your surgery. During the first 24-48 hours, you may experience some drainage in the area where the incisions were made. After the operation, our communicative staff will provide detailed guidelines for your 360 Lipo recovery.

Schedule Your 360 Lipo Consultation in Kansas City

With the newest body trends displayed on social media, it can be difficult to keep up and shape your body to feel your best. Exercising and eating the right foods can only contribute so much. Start your journey of regaining self-confidence by booking your first appointment for 360 Lipo in Kansas City. Our team of certified doctors at Associated Plastic Surgeons is awaiting your call to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.