Thigh Lift in Kansas City

Your thighs play a major role in your lower body’s appearance. Exercising regularly can help reduce and tone your thighs, but this process requires years of consistency. It also does not guarantee results for everyone—due to many factors. If you want to contour and tone your thighs, a thigh lift in Kansas City may be your solution.

You may have a small waist, but if your thighs do not match your upper body, it can decrease your confidence. During the summer, you deserve to show off your legs in shorts and bathing suits. Our experienced plastic surgeons are here to help you achieve your cosmetic goals through this popular body contouring procedure.

Candidates Suitable for a Thigh Lift

There can be many reasons for wanting to contour your thighs. If you have been exercising for a long time and feel no change, this procedure may be right for you. For some, the alternative might be true: you may have worked out and lost a significant amount of weight, but now are struggling with excess and loose skin around your inner thighs. In this case, a thighplasty in Kansas City may also be right for you.

The Difference Between Liposuction and a Thigh Lift

While liposuction is an option to help reshape thighs, this option is not suitable for everyone. The skin on your thigh is different than other areas of your body. There is less elasticity on the inner side of your thigh. This means that there is less contracting of your skin, and liposuction would not be as successful. With a thigh lift, you can tone the areas of your inner thigh safely and effectively. Our highly trained Kansas City plastic surgeons could perform your thigh lift and help you achieve the lower body you’ve always wanted.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

From start to finish, our team at Associated Plastic Surgeons offers an empathetic and professional experience catered to your individual anatomy. We understand that your body is unique, and that is why we start with an initial consultation. After your thigh lift consultation at our office in Kansas City, we schedule your procedure and provide you with detailed post-operative instructions. Finally, we monitor your recovery to ensure you achieve ideal results.

Your Consultation

During your initial consultation, one of our skilled plastic surgeons will ask you questions about your body goals. This helps us understand how to approach your procedure. We inform you of all the surgical processes, incision placement, and the recovery process.

The Surgery

To begin your thigh lift procedure, we start with placing you under general anesthesia for your comfort. Your plastic surgeon will then create precise incisions around your groin area. This incision may extend to below the crease of your buttock, depending on your unique condition. The goal is to create minimal scarring while achieving a successful surgical outcome.

After Your Procedure

Once your surgery is complete, you may experience some discomfort and swelling around the incision area. These post-operative symptoms will take some time to subside, but are normal. We will provide you with specific instructions for your recovery to ensure you are feeling comfortable through the process, from beginning to end. You will likely be asked to wear a compression garment following your surgery.

Our caring team of medical professionals will follow up with you to make sure your healing is up to both your and our standards. You will start seeing results of your thigh lift shortly after the procedure—noticing positive changes in both the appearance and texture of your thighs.

Slim and Tone Your Thighs With a Lift Procedure in Kansas City

You have already made the first step in your cosmetic journey by doing your research. Let us help you continue your journey and get one step closer to your ideal thighs today.

Call us to schedule your initial consultation for a thigh lift in Kansas City. At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we offer custom-tailored treatment for your specific anatomy and are ready to provide you with an exceptional experience on your body transformation journey.