Butt Lift in Kansas City

A variety of factors can contribute to your gluteal muscles or your buttocks changing shape. These include weight loss, age, and years of sitting behind a desk. With weight loss, the buttocks can look deflated, which can also happen after pregnancy or years of lack of exercise.

When a person has enough skin laxity, a butt lift could help elevate and tighten the buttocks by removing sagging skin and tightening the remaining tissue. When you want to find out if you are a good candidate for a butt lift in Kansas City, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced body sculpting surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Butt Lift?

Men and women who do not have uncontrolled underlying medical conditions and who have loose skin above the buttocks are the best candidates for a butt lift procedure.

Kansas City men and women should also have reached their goal weight and maintained it for at least a year prior to undergoing a butt lift. This helps ensure that the results are not severely impacted by weight gain or weight loss.

Other factors we consider for individuals seeking a butt lift include smoking and alcohol consumption. If you smoke, we will request that you stop roughly four weeks before and after the surgery. Smoking and nicotine affect the healing process and increase the risk of adverse reactions to anesthesia during surgery and complications after surgery.

What Is the Difference Between a Butt Lift and a Brazilian Butt Lift?

During a surgical procedure for a butt lift, your skilled Kansas City plastic surgeon will tighten, elevate, and reshape your buttocks. This surgical procedure is also often called a gluteoplasty, gluteal lift, or butt tuck.

In some cases, a butt lift can leave the area looking deflated. In this case, your plastic surgeon may recommend an augmentation to add volume and make the area rounder. This is called a Brazilian butt lift, in which your plastic surgeon removes sagging tissue and adds greater volume to the area using an autologous fat transfer procedure or using silicone butt implants.

In a fat transfer, your experienced plastic surgeon first removes fat from your body using liposuction, usually from the abdomen or hips. They may also reuse fat that was removed during the butt lift procedure. The fat is processed, purified, and injected into your buttock area just below the skin. Your plastic surgeon may recommend having the fat transfer done during the original butt lift procedure or suggest that you heal first and assess the new shape and size before deciding. Another way to achieve volume is to use silicone butt implants which help to provide lift and augment volume.

A butt lift can give your bottom a more youthful and natural-looking silhouette, which often boosts self-confidence.

What to Expect During Recovery from a Butt Lift

Our butt lift surgical procedure in Kansas City requires two to three weeks of recovery before you can return to work and roughly three months before you can return to normal activity levels, including exercise.

Initially, you are sent home with surgical dressings over the incision sites and instructions on how to care for the area. You must follow those instructions carefully to reduce the potential of complications and infection.

You will likely have surgical drains inserted to help drain fluid from the area so it doesn’t build up under the skin. You will be instructed on how to empty those drains, measure the fluid, and keep the area clean.

Although you will mostly be on bed rest for the first several days, your plastic surgeon will encourage you to promote circulation by walking briefly throughout the day. You will also wear a compression garment that is only removed when you shower to help control swelling and keep the skin smooth as you heal.

For the first week, you will be unable to sit to reduce mechanical stress on the area. The incision lines are typically in places that are not easily visible, and the appearance does fade over time. You will also receive instructions on how to minimize scar tissue.

Most of the results from a butt lift are apparent almost immediately, and most of the swelling is gone within the first month or two. However, it can take 6 to 12 months to completely heal and see final results.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Procedure

Our non-surgical butt lift can also enhance the contour and shape of your buttocks without a surgical procedure. The process uses an injectable filler that adds volume and increases the body’s collagen production.

These treatments are quick and do not have any downtime. However, the effect is more subtle than our surgical butt lift procedure in Kansas City. Some injections help improve the look of cellulite. Unlike a surgical procedure where the results are permanent, these are temporary, and you could need additional treatment every few years to maintain the effect.

Call to Schedule Your Butt Lift Consultation in Kansas City

When you are unhappy with the contour of your buttocks or your silhouette, call our office to schedule your consultation for a butt lift in Kansas City. Our team at Associated Plastic Surgeons is ready to help you regain your confidence and achieve your desired appearance.