Breast Reconstruction in Kansas City

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we understand the deep emotional and physical trauma that often accompanies breast cancer treatments, including mastectomy.

We often hear women use the phrase “my cancer” in a subtle acknowledgment of the personal sense of betrayal by a woman’s own body. Sometimes there’s a feeling that a woman is redefined by “her cancer.” Often, her sense of self is diminished, accompanied by a fear of the lessening of womanhood, of femininity, of attractiveness.

It’s an extremely personal sense of self that breast cancer alters. But we can help restore what it claims.

It is the goal of our compassionate breast surgeons to restore a natural look and promote your redefinition without cancer at the center of your view of yourself. Appearance isn’t everything, but restoring a sense of normalcy with breast reconstruction in Kansas City can help patients take a big and important step on the road to recovery.

Our Experience

As with all of our breast enhancement patients in Kansas City, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with deeply personal care. Our surgeons and staff will listen to your questions and concerns, and we’ll explain medical terms and techniques clearly and openly.

In every surgery, there are risks, benefits, and trade-offs. We will consult with you and offer our guidance as you make your choices. We want to understand and help you with physical considerations prior to surgery and afterward.

Our Expertise

Breast reconstruction is a highly individualized procedure, and different techniques offer different advantages and disadvantages. At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we use 2 techniques for performing breast reconstruction in Kansas City: an implant procedure or a flap procedure. In either procedure, it is sometimes necessary to operate on the unaffected breast in order to maintain symmetry.

Implant Reconstruction

Implants are widely used for breast reconstruction among our patients in Kansas City. With an implant procedure, scars are limited to the breast area. An implant reconstruction usually involves 2 surgeries. Generally, this process offers a faster recovery with fewer risks than the flap method. It’s mostly used in patients who have not had radiation and are comfortable with implants.

Flap Reconstruction

During a flap procedure, tissue is moved from one area of the body to another. The 2 possible donor sites used in flap reconstruction are the back (latissimus flap) and the abdomen (TRAM flap).

TRAM flap surgery is one of the most sophisticated approaches to breast reconstruction surgery. TRAM stands for “transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous” and uses muscle, fat, tissue, and skin harvested from the abdomen to create a reconstructed breast. Our practice has established a unique proficiency in this surgery.

During the procedure, arteries and veins in the harvested tissue are microscopically attached in a highly technical process. This close work requires 2 collaborating surgeons and increases the chance for a positive outcome.

Our surgeons perform this delicate work with the utmost attention to quality and detail. We never forget the personal impact of battling cancer and healing yourself, and we’re honored to help you succeed.

Our Patients Say …

Breast reconstruction truly improves the lives of many women after breast cancer. Here are quotes from just a few of our patients.

Keep in mind each patient is unique and your results may vary.

“There aren’t enough words to thank you for all you’ve done for me. A breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming with all the decisions and unknowns. I will always remember our first appointment, when you so patiently explained my options and answered my seemingly endless questions about reconstruction. Your compassion and knowledge calmed my fears and gave me hope. And as time went on, your surgical expertise—’assembly,’ as you called it—gave me a sense of being physically ‘normal’ once again.”

“I am so impressed and pleased with the results and couldn’t be more satisfied. I never minded waiting my turn at appointments because I knew you were taking the time to provide the same empathy and respect that you showed me to yet another new patient who would soon discover what a gem of a surgeon they had. Your skill, calm demeanor, good-natured personality, and kindness carried me through this phase of my journey. I am eternally grateful! Quite simply, thank you. Please continue your commitment to helping breast cancer patients restore their appearances. The world needs more physicians like you.”

“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the excellence in service I have received, not only from you, but also from your nurses and staff. The care and consideration I have received from the beginning of this journey to the end has been remarkable. I appreciate most your skill, honesty, and ability to make me feel comfortable and understood.”

Discuss Breast Reconstruction Surgery with a Kansas City Surgeon

If you are considering breast reconstruction in Kansas City, reach out to one of our experienced plastic surgeons today to schedule an initial consultation.