Arm Implants in Kansas City

Sometimes, with exercise and a healthy diet, you can change your body’s appearance. However, when it comes to the arms—specifically the underarms—it can be extremely difficult to achieve your goals. The lower portion of your upper arm accumulates fat and keeps it.

With arm implants in Kansas City, you can achieve your desired aesthetic appearance. Gaining toned and sculpted arms can be challenging, especially when certain factors are stacked against you. If you find yourself wearing clothing to hide your arms or want to regain self-esteem, look no further than this popular body sculpting procedure.

Enhance Your Arm Contours

Brachioplasty, also known as upper arm surgery, is designed to help you contour your arms. This surgical procedure focuses on the areas from your underarm to your elbow. For some, sagging skin is a common reason to reshape your arms. As we age, we tend to lose collagen, which leads to decreased skin elasticity.

Another reason you may consider this option is if you are looking to achieve more toned arms. For some, exercise may allow sculpting, but there can be many reasons why this route may not work. Boost your self-confidence by toning your arms with a brachioplasty procedure at our Kansas City office today.

Understanding Arm Implants

An implant brachioplasty is the optimal solution for anyone who wants to create the appearance of toned arms. If you live in the Kansas City area, scheduling an arm implant procedure performed by one of our experienced plastic surgeons could help you look and feel your best.

The choice of implants will be decided between you and your knowledgeable plastic surgeon. They are safe and leak-proof, allowing you to live a worry-free life after surgery. The implants are strategically placed in designated areas of your arm to create a toned appearance and redefine the contours. Not only does this procedure add volume to your arms, but it also allows you to have a firmer-appearing arm with tighter skin.

What to Expect from Your Arm Implant Procedure

To ensure your concerns are properly addressed, and you achieve your cosmetic goals, we start our process with a consultation for your arm implants at our Kansas City office. During this consultation, one of our talented plastic surgeons will ask questions to understand your unique anatomy and goals. We only schedule your procedure once you feel satisfied with your surgical plan.

The Procedure Day

On the day of your surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia. This is to create a comfortable environment for you. One of our trained plastic surgeons will then make precise incisions that leave minimal visibility of scarring. These incisions will be used as the entry for your arm implants. By strategically placing the implants and removing any excess fat, your arms will have the desired toned appearance. Additionally, if you have any extra, loose skin, we will tighten it. This will allow you to have a firm-appearing arm along with it being toned.


After your arm implant operation, you may experience mild discomfort and swelling around the treated area. This is normal and will subside with time. Our team of medical professionals will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your healing process is smooth. Within a few weeks, you can start showing off your new and toned arms. You may have to start with light activities but can shortly continue your normal routine.

Achieve Your Ideal Look With Arm Implants: Call Our Kansas City Office Today!

Don’t wait any longer or restrict yourself any further with your choice of clothing. You deserve to feel your best, which comes from looking your best. With arm implants in Kansas City, you can achieve the perfectly sculpted arms you’ve always wanted.

A skilled plastic surgeon at our practice is ready to help you start your cosmetic journey today. Give us a call and see how we can help you regain your confidence.