CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing in Kansas City

The hands of time stop for no one. However, if you struggle with sun damage, birthmarks, enlarged oil glands, or fine lines and wrinkles, CO2 laser skin resurfacing in Kansas City may offer you a treatment option that meets your goals.

Our team of skilled plastic surgeons understands your cosmetic concerns and will work hard to help you achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. We want you to be well-informed about any of the treatments you choose to undergo at our MedSpa. Learn more about how CO2, also called carbon dioxide, can help resurface your skin and treat various conditions by scheduling a consultation with one of our knowledgeable doctors.

What Does CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Do?

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we offer two types of CO2 laser resurfacing options to our patients in Kansas City:

Fully Ablative CO2 Lasers

Fully ablative CO2 lasers remove the superficial layers of skin using a CO2 laser beam. The beam heats the skin to trigger regenerative healing and promotes the production of new collagen and elastin, two structural proteins that give your skin a youthful appearance.

A fully ablative CO2 laser requires a minimum of two weeks of recovery and has a higher risk of hyperpigmentation issues after healing. Your plastic surgeon will recommend skin preparation to mitigate that risk.

Fractional CO2 Lasers

Fractional CO2 lasers deliver a partial beam of light and remove a smaller fraction of skin than the fully ablative laser. These lasers can be adjusted to remove the depth of skin needed to treat your specific cosmetic concerns.

This procedure is less aggressive than the fully ablative laser and often better for surface-level changes. While the fully ablative laser skin resurfacing procedure requires just one treatment, fractional laser treatment may require a series for best results.

Am I a Good Candidate for CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

An ideal candidate for CO2 laser skin resurfacing will have sun-damaged or scarred skin. Their skin is fair to light and may have deep wrinkles. Men and women with fine lines or mild pigmentation do not need a fully ablative CO2 laser treatment.

Fractional laser treatments are an option for individuals with medium to deep skin tones, as it reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation during healing. Fractional laser resurfacing can treat the visible signs of aging and sun damage, including rough skin texture and hyperpigmentation.

CO2 laser resurfacing treatments in Kansas City target hyperpigmentation like age spots or sunspots. Individuals with rosacea do not benefit from these treatments since rosacea originates in the vascular system and is not a pigmentation issue.

An ideal candidate will also:

  • Be generally healthy
  • Be able to take the time required for recovery
  • Care for their skin to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation or scarring during healing

What to Expect During Recovery

Typically, recovery following full field ablative CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments in Kansas City takes two weeks, during which you must follow your plastic surgeon’s aftercare instructions to lower the risk of infection and complications. Since the treatment is customized to your cosmetic concerns, the time needed for recovery may vary.

The area of skin treated will feel raw in the first few days, much like a bad sunburn. Some skin areas may blister and crust over. After about one week, the skin begins to dry and peel. Underneath, the skin will be pink or lighter than your skin color. While the initial recovery can take two weeks for the skin to heal, returning to your skin color can take up to one year. During recovery, you must avoid scratching, rubbing, or picking at your skin.

Your aftercare instructions will include how to clean the treatment area, which should be done from two to five times daily, depending on the depth of treatment. After cleansing, your plastic surgeon will recommend a moisturizer or antibacterial ointment, which should be applied to protect the area and reduce the risk of scabbing and scarring.

Discomfort is typically managed with an ice pack, and you should sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling. Always wear sunscreen when leaving the house to protect the treatment area and reduce the risk of sun damage.

How Long Will My Results Last?

How long the results from CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments in Kansas City last depends on several factors, including the intensity of the treatment and your skincare in the weeks, months, and years to follow. Using a quality skincare routine and strong SPF sun protection can help avoid recurring damage.

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