There are currently 3 rebates available to lower the cost of your injectable treatments.  It is the 10 year anniversary of Botox receiving FDA approval.  In celebration Botox has a program available where you can save up to $200.00 on your next 3 treatments of Botox.  Botox is used to smooth those wrinkles between your eyebrows and on your forehead.  Your first treatment must be between 02/01/12 & 04/30/12.
Restylane has recently been FDA approved for use in the lips.  Restylane is the first filler to receive FDA approval for use in the lips.  Restylane is used to restore volume in the lips or the lines that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth.  Restylane is offering a rebate of $5o per 1cc syringe of Restylane (2 syringe minimum) or Perlane (1 syringe minimum).  Treatment must be between 02/01/12 & 03/31/12.
Dysport is offering a rebate of $50.00 between 02/01/12 & 03/31/12.  Dysport also smooths the wrinkles between the eyebrows.
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