The SkinPen, an FDA approved device that can improve fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars is here!  Recently on Good Morning America, it was touted as the “fountain of youth in a pen!”
Microneedling has been around for years.  What makes the SkinPen unique and effective is twelve microscopic rotating needles that can be lengthened or shortened depending on the treatment area.  As the SkinPen is applied to the skin, it creates micro channels on the surface of the skin.  The skin reacts to that injury by producing new cells and extracellular materials like elastin and collage.  No heat (lasers) or chemicals are applied to the skin, so there is little to no downtime.
The SkinPen is agile, so it can reach delicate areas around the eyes and the lips.  It can be used on the neck and stretch mark areas as well.  It can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne/body scars.  It helps reduce pore size and supports your body’s ability to produce radiant, even-toned skin.  Our estheticians have seen great results with acne scars – it actually breaks down the scar tissue!
Here is what to expect – the esthetician applies a numbing cream to the treatment area.  The treatment takes about an hour and usually calls for three treatments for optimal results (several weeks apart).   You will experience mild to moderate redness on day one, similar to a sunburn and some swelling.  The following few days if redness still appears, it should be able to be concealed with makeup.
Here are some amazing before and after photosBefore After Acne Scars Forehead - Perfect Complexion Before After Hyper Pigmentation and Lines.