APS_-48fIt is time to introduce you to another member of our team! This week’s article will feature Dr. Joseph V. Cannova, a board-certified plastic surgeon and 2013 Top Doctor nominee!
Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City welcomed Dr. Cannova to the team in 1998. Fresh out of his plastic surgery residency, Dr. Cannova was ready to use his surgical skills to transform outward appearances while also extending his caring and compassionate attitude to his patients, helping them create a new mindset of being happy with who they are. Almost twenty years later, Dr. Cannova still uses that same approach for all of his patients.
We had Dr. Cannova answer a few questions about his take on plastic surgery and what he believes about his profession.
Question 1: Do you have a specialty procedure?
I don’t have one specific procedure that I like best. My specialty is cosmetic surgery. Making people look and feel beautiful. I truly enjoy all aspects of my practice. I take great pride in tailoring each surgical procedure to the individual needs of the patient.
Question 2: What is your personal perspective on plastic surgery?
I adhere to a conservative, but effective aesthetic approach. It is my goal to achieve a refreshed, more youthful look without noticeably changing the way a person looks or giving them an “overly operated” appearance. In the end, the patient should look natural, as if they were born with that body.
“A great cosmetic surgery should never be obvious.”
Question 3: What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to have plastic surgery but has some worry and anxiety about choosing the right surgeon, the recovery period and outcome of the procedure?
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask friends for recommendations or advice. Word of mouth is the most valuable recommendation a person can get. Asking questions also opens an avenue to have a personal conversation with those who have had procedures in the past and know what to expect during the surgery and recovery period. Talking with people who have experience can remove some of the fear of the unknown. Also, it is important to have a comfortable relationship with the surgeon you choose. Having confidence in your surgeon will put your mind at ease.
Question 4: In your opinion, what is the key to a successful plastic surgery experience?
My best advice is to focus on maintenance. I believe the patients who look the best and who are the most satisfied with plastic surgery are the ones who see me 2-3 times a year. Each visit, we discuss changes and do small improvements, such as Botox or Juvederm, and when the time is appropriate, I will perform the occasional surgery.
“A good relationship with your plastic surgeon and a maintenance program you both agree on is the most valuable asset in your plastic surgery journey.”
Question 5: Can you tell us a little about your personal life?
I am a native of Kansas City, and I did all of my studies, including medical school, in this area. I then traveled to Cleveland, Ohio and Charleston, South Carolina to complete my plastic surgery training. After that, I returned to Kansas City to begin practicing. I am married and have two children. My wife and I are very involved in their school activities and sports. My wife is the founder of a non-profit organization called Overrun Ovarian Cancer Foundation, and she raises money for cancer research at KU Medical Center.
Dr. Cannova, along with all of the plastic surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City, is board-certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. In addition, Dr. Cannova is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is a Diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners and holds a state medical license in both Missouri and Kansas. In 2013, Dr. Cannova was recognized by his peers as a “Top Doctor of Cosmetic Surgery” in the local publication 435 South Magazine.
The goal of APSKC is to open the door to a new life, a life where you are confident and have the boldness to step out of your comfort zone to get what you want in life. We know that it can be hard when you have something holding you back, whether it be the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face or stubborn fat deposits around your mid-section. We want to help you fix these issues, not just so you can look better on the outside (although it is a benefit!) but also so you can feel beautiful and self-confident of your abilities on the inside. If you are ready for a total life transformation, call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cannova or any of our talented, professional plastic surgeons.