SiltexSaline-SmoothGelBreast augmentation is a fantastic way to lift and enlarge your natural breasts. For a lot of women, considering breast implants comes after pregnancy and breast feeding, when the breasts have stretched and deflated. Others are not happy with the size or shape of their breasts, maybe one breast is larger than the other or your breasts have lost their firmness over time. Either way, breast implants enhance your features, helping you to look shapelier in your clothes.
After surgery, it is important to take care of your implants so your results will look fabulous and be long lasting. We have a few suggestions that will help you heal faster and maintain your results.
The Type of Bra You Wear Matters
Your new ladies will need reinforcements. In others words, a good bra. You may have winged it in the past, wearing bras that may not have fit exactly right or buying cheaper bras to save money, but it is time to quit those nasty habits and buy bras that fit well and provide superior support. You will have swelling at first after your surgery, so it may be hard to know exactly what size to wear. You will most likely be in a compression binder and a sports bra at first, but after a few weeks the swelling will go down and you will be ready to restock your lingerie.
When you are ready to purchase, find a store that will provide measurements. This is the best way to know what size you should look for. But don’t stop there. Try it on! Before leaving the store! Make sure there are no gaps, the breasts fit nicely into the cups without spillage and most important, make sure your breasts feel supported and comfortable. During the first weeks after surgery, until your doctor tells you otherwise, you will want to avoid push up bras and underwire bras. Instead, find one that has a wide band at the bottom that gives a little extra assistance for propping up the girls. You may also want to find a good sports bra to wear when exercising.
Resist the Sun
After waiting all this time for awesome breasts, it may be hard to keep them under wraps, but that is exactly what you need to do for a little while until your healing is complete. The sun and tanning beds can cause problems with your incision and scar. The scar may become permanently darker than the rest of your skin, which is probably not the look you are going for. So, for at least nine to twelve months, use sunscreen, cover-up the incision as much as possible and stay patient. There is always next year to get that superb, gorgeous tan.
No Smoking
It is common knowledge that smoking is not good for the body, especially after surgery. Smoking slows down the body’s natural healing process. Incisions that are slow to heal are more susceptible to infections and excessive scarring. It can also lead to death of the tissue, which could require additional treatment. In addition, those who smoke before surgery, after surgery or both have a higher risk of capsular contracture, a condition that develops when internal scar tissue forms a tight or constricting capsule around a breast implant, contracting it until it becomes misshapen and hard. This can make the breasts painful and can alter the shape of your new breasts.
Preventative Care
After a while, you will get used to the look and feel of your new breasts. No one knows your breasts like you do, so getting to know how your breasts feel after your implants will help you notice if something unusual is going on. Once your swelling has gone down and your implants have settled, you should return to doing monthly self-breast exams, checking for anything that doesn’t feel right or normal in the breast tissue. Also, if you are over forty, you should continue getting annual mammograms and checkups with your surgeon.
Your surgeon will give you specific instructions for aftercare with your breast augmentation. At each follow-up visit, the surgeon will check on your progress and determine your next steps in recovery. We can answer your questions, give advice on good support bras and keep check on how your progress is going. We can also answer any concerns or questions you may have by telephone, so please don’t hesitate to call the office at any time. If you are ready to schedule your breast augmentation, contact us today!