Tummy tucks, also called abdominoplasty, are among the top procedures performed each year by plastic surgeons. Tummy tucks remove excess skin from around the middle and the flanks. Women who get tummy tucks have often lost a lot of weight or had multiple pregnancies that stretched out the muscles and left an overhang of skin. When we researched the top questions asked by women, both before and after a tummy tuck, we found that many women were questioning the benefits of a tummy tuck.
So, before we get started with answering your top questions, we feel it is important to say that a tummy tuck is not an irreversible procedure. It is not a weight-loss plan. Men and women who get a tummy tuck will have to continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep the weight off and the body toned. If you do that, you will be able to maintain your results for many, many years.
Question 1: How Long Should I Wait to Have a Tummy Tuck after Weight Loss?
Answer: There really isn’t a concrete amount of time. The most important thing to look for is simply are you maintaining your goal weight. For instance, if your goal weight is 130 pounds and you have kept that weight (within a pound or two) for the last 4 to 6 months, then you may be ready for a tummy tuck. If your goal weight is 130 pounds and you have fluctuated between 130 and 140 pounds for the last 4 to 6 months, then you may want to wait a little while longer.
Question 2: Why Am I Not Happy with My Results?
Answer: Most of the people asking this question are still in the first two weeks of their recovery. This is a hard phase, where the stomach is swollen, everything is tender, and the scar is still a fresh, bright red. If your clothes are still fitting too tight and you are tired of sleeping in your recliner, you may be wondering what in the world you were thinking. Stay positive! It takes about 4-6 weeks to get back to normal. Before long, the swelling will begin to lessen and the scar will begin to fade.
Question 3: What Can I Expect During My Recovery?
Answer: Generally, the recovery period is about 4 weeks. During the first two weeks, you may have drains to remove excess fluid. The drains are removed once the fluid has been eliminated from the body. You will be sore and you will not be able to lay flat on the bed or walk upright for a few days. You will be swollen and bruised. After about a week, you should be feeling somewhat normal and the stiffness and soreness will subside. You may still have some swelling. Once the drains are removed, you can begin to get back to your normal activity but remember that you still shouldn’t lift anything heavy for a few more weeks.
Remember, this is a question that you will definitely need to discuss with your surgeon before your procedure. Because each person is unique, we cannot guarantee that your recovery period will be the same as someone else’s. It is always good to communicate with your surgeon so that your recovery process goes as smooth as possible.
Question 4: Can I Get a Tummy Tuck and A Breast Lift at the Same Time?
Answer: Absolutely! Many women who are getting their bodies back after pregnancy will choose to have both a tummy tuck and a breast lift in a procedure called a Mommy Makeover. The procedures are done at the same time to cut down the length of recovery and the amount of time you have to be away from normal activities. You can also get a thigh lift, arm lift or a breast augmentation in combination with a tummy tuck or as part of your mommy makeover. Tummy tucks and mommy makeovers are for women who are finished having babies. Having a tummy tuck after your first child, will not stop your stomach from growing during your second pregnancy, and you may end up with the same loose skin as before. You also should be completely finished with breastfeeding before getting a breast lift or a breast augmentation.
If you have more questions about what a tummy tuck is, what the procedure is like or about recovery for a tummy tuck, we would love the opportunity to speak to you and answer your questions. Our surgeons are available for consultations. Contact us today!