If you’re one of the thousands of women for whom shaving is a daily chore, you’ve probably dreamed of life without razors. You’ve probably also heard of laser hair removal -the promise of saying goodbye to body hair for good. Before you conclude that it’s too good to be true, check out these 5 signs that laser hair treatment is right for you.
#1 You have thin or sensitive skin.
No one enjoys shaving, but for women with thin or sensitive skin, shaving can actually become painful. If you have thin skin, you might be prone to giving yourself nicks and cuts with your razor, which leads to annoying bloody spots on your legs and clothes. Sensitive skin, on the other hand, means that most shaving creams are off limits. Even scraping the razor down your skin might result in a prickly “razor burn” rash.
Laser hair removal is safe even for sensitive skin. After the procedure, you might experience some redness and swelling, similar to a mild sunburn. Side effects may last for a day or two. After that, you don’t have to worry about cuts or razor burn for months!
#2 You have thick, dark hair.
If you have thick, dark hair, you probably fall into the camp of women who have to shave every day. In extreme cases, you might even be able to see dark spots on your leg before you hair emerges from the follicle, and that’s not a problem that shaving alone can solve! Laser hair treatment will save you from the daily grind of shaving and will eliminate dark hairs in the follicles under your skin. And the best news? The lasers used during laser hair removal are especially effective against coarse, dark hair. It may be the only reason you’ve ever had to thank your lucky star for your dark body hair!
#3 Your hair grows back FAST.
The lure of permanent hair removal is what draws most women to laser hair removal. That idea becomes especially appealing if you’ve been blessed with highly productive hair follicles. Most women see permanent results after an area has been treated three to six times.
#4 You have a bit of a mustache situation.
Most advertisements for laser hair treatment feature a woman’s silky-smooth legs, but that’s not all you can get out of this treatment. You can also turn the laser on other unwanted hair, like hair in your armpits, around your bikini zone, or even on your face. Using lasers to treat facial hair is an especially good idea, since shaving the hair might cause it to grow back darker and more coarse.
If you identified with these signs that laser hair treatment is right for you, reach out to one of our estheticians at Associated Plastic Surgeons! We have years of experience in laser hair treatment, so we can make sure that your treatment is safe, effective, and long-lasting!