Many people go into plastic surgery with the idea that they’re getting an instant fix for their body insecurities. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Plastic surgery is a powerful tool that can help you reach even your most ambitious goals, but it does require patience and planning. Depending on the procedure you choose, you could be looking at a long recovery. Simple, local procedures like Botox require virtually no recovery time, and results are visible within a week. On the other hand, procedures that involve significant manipulation of deep body tissues (especially muscle tissue) may require more rest time and swelling may disguise the final results for a while. So, knowing that you will have to carve recovery time out of your schedule, is there a best season to get plastic surgery? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each time of year:
Winter is a popular time for involved procedures like a face lift, a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or a breast lift. You can use holiday vacation time for the first few days after your operation, when it is generally recommended that you stay home from work. And you’ll have less temptation to overexert yourself in the next few weeks, since winter is typically a sedentary time of year. You’re not likely to receive any invitations to play sports or go hiking. Finally, layers of winter clothing can help you cover up scars (which usually fade over time), and holiday weight can excuse swelling.
Winter is also a great time for operations that are sensitive to exposure to sunlight. Laser hair removal, for example, is most effective when your skin is pale, so don’t wait until summer to start taming your leg hair!
Spring is the best time of year to start prepping your beach body. Liposuction, Coolsculpting, laser hair removal, and arm lifts are all in high demand at this time of year. If you’re a very active or outdoorsy person, it’s probably best to schedule procedures for early spring, so you will be ready to enjoy your usual activities as the weather warms up.
Summer is the big unveil, the time to show off all the work you’ve done on your body during the winter and spring. Generally speaking, its best to avoid major procedures in the summer for three reasons. First and foremost, heat and sunlight are bad for post-op patients. Heat can increase or prolong swelling, and sunlight can make scars permanently darker. Second, summer clothing is more revealing, which makes it harder to keep your procedure private. Finally, summer activities are more physical, so you might be tempted to overexert yourself when you should be recovering.
Of course, there are some important exceptions to the no-summer-surgery rule. If you’re a teacher, a summer procedure might be a smart choice, since you can use summer vacation to recover. And if you’re a bride looking forward to a fall or winter wedding, summer is the season for you to get major procedures out of the way.
Fall kickstarts the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving, and before you know it, winter ushers Christmas and New Years Eve in. Many people opt for cosmetic procedures like eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty to prepare for parties with family and friends, where everyone will be dressing up, celebrating the year’s events, and snapping group photos. It’s usually best to schedule surgeries in the early fall, so you’ll be ready to party when the holidays roll around!
Year round
Of course, not all procedures require downtime. Minor procedures like Botox or a chemical peel can be scheduled whenever you need a pick-me-up. They take less than an hour, and you should be able to enjoy the results in time for date night, a job interview, or a friend’s wedding.
If you’re wondering how to fit plastic surgery into your schedule, contact one of our professionals at Associated Plastic Surgeons. We’re happy to look over your calendar with you and help you choose the right time to make your move!