Laser Hair Removal in Leawood

Med Spa in Leawood Provides Tips You Need to Know Before Laser hair removal in Leawood : Tired of shaving? Sick of all the shaving bumps? The dark shadows under your arms? Tired of regrowth? At our med spa in Leawood, we get it; you don’t want to deal with it anymore. Laser hair removal in Leawood is a reliable way to smooth your skin and eliminate unwanted body hair. Many women and even men have left shaving and waxing behind for this one-time procedure. Invest in this one-time solution at a med spa in Leawood. While the treatment itself is straightforward if you are interested in booking laser hair removal in Leawood, here are a few pieces of advice that help our med spa clients.

Before Laser Hair Removal in Leawood

Shave first – During treatment, the laser reacts to the hair on the skin’s surface. If you are looking for the smoothest result and want to avoid that burnt hair smell, before you get laser hair removal in Leawood, shave 12 to 24 hours before treatment. DO NOT use waxing products. The root must be present for the laser to work best.

Keep out of the Sun – As a leading med spa in Leawood, we say to avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks before the procedure. Also, remove any fake tanning you have used.


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No creams, no scrubs – Stay away from any scrubs or creams for a few days after you have had laser removal done. This includes deodorant and moisturizer. During this time, our med spa in Leawood suggests face mists.

Don’t worry, it’s not painful – The sensation is quick. It is a sharp prick. The feeling of laser hair removal in Leawood is very similar to a rubber band being popped. Treatment is only about 20 minutes.

 Laser hair removal in Leawood

After Laser Hair Removal in Leawood

Skip exercise and hot showers – You must try not to sweat after treatment. It makes your skin vulnerable to bacteria. Keep your body temperature low after treatment.

Be consistent – Hair removal is not an instant process. You need about 8-10 appointments spaced out for hair removal to be complete. While 90% of people report permanent hair reduction, hormone fluctuations (such as those brought on by pregnancy) intermittently make hair return. You may have to have further treatment if this happens.

Laser hair removal in Leawood is a great way to get smoother skin. Our Associated Plastic Surgeons at the med spa in Leawood are here to make those days of waxing and shaving a thing of the past. You can treat arms, legs, chest, and more. If you want to learn more about laser hair removal in Leawood, call for a consultation.

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