Microneedling, What to Do After Your Procedure 

Microneedling, What to Do After Your Procedure 

If you are considering a procedure to improve the quality of your skin, there are many different options.  One of which is microneedling, a common collagen induction therapy treatment.  You can expect a session of Microneedling in Kansas City to improve skin conditions such as: 

  • Large Pores 
  • Wrinkles 
  • Rosacea 
  • Loose Skin 
  • Scarring 
  • Uneven Skin Tone 

Once your procedure for Microneedling in Kansas City is complete you should notice the results.  Still, to get the full effect of microneedling, there are important aftercare instructions you should follow that will help you maximize your skincare treatment.   

As a leader in microneedling and  radio frequency microneedling in Kansas CityAssociated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City recommends the following: 

Stay Hydrated 

After a microneedling procedure, it is common for your skin to feel more dry than usual.  Be sure to consume plenty of healthy fluids following your visit.  Although you may not always be craving that glass of water, or it may mean a few extra trips to the restroom, remember that hydration is key to getting your skin healthier.  So, try to incorporate more water into your daily routine. 


We recommend using a gentle cleanser along with some tepid water for the first 72 hours after treatment, followed by gently drying the skin.  You should always make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area.  We also suggest staying away from a powered cleaning brush or Clarisonic for at least a week after treatment. 

Makeup Guidelines 

It is best to stay away from applying makeup for at least 24 hours after treatment and possibly for as long as 72 hours, depending on how the skin reacts.  Once you resume using makeup, we recommend you avoid using a makeup brush, especially if it is not clean. 


After your procedure, it is wise to apply an SPF 25 or greater sunscreen that is also chemicalfree.  Continue to make sunscreen a part of your regular routine, and not just the days following your procedure.  Daily use of sunscreen can protect your skin from premature aging and sun damage. 

Microneedling in Kansas City 

If you are considering a procedure to improve the health of your skin and you think basic microneedling or radio frequency radio frequency microneedling in Kansas City is an option, look to the team at Associated Plastic Surgeons.  Our unique blend of personalized service and uncompromising professional standards has become the hallmark of our practice.   

Give us a call at 913-451-3722, and we would be glad to discuss the best options for you and your skin’s health.   We also specialize in dermaplaning in Kansas City as well as other skin treatments like VI chemical peels in Kansas City.  Once we hear from you we will make sure you have all the information needed to move forward with your skin care needs.