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The gratitude and kind words from patients of our plastic surgery practice serving Kansas City humble us and inspire us to do our best work each day. At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we know the choice to have surgery is a deeply personal one. By providing these real patient testimonials, we hope you’ll be encouraged to pursue the cosmetic enhancements you’re considering.

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It was 2 years ago this month that you performed major surgery to restore my body. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for your expertise and profound skill. My results are better than I ever hoped for. What you gave back to me is priceless, and the impact you’ve made in my life is substantial. Everything from office visits to my O.R. experiences was handled with professionalism and compassionate care. In case your work life, which is no doubt stress-filled, becomes challenging and at times very difficult, please remember that you have made a positive difference in my life and in the lives of many. I am filled with gratitude that I chose a doctor that is of the highest caliber. What you have done for me has given back my life as I knew it before. What value can be placed on that? A million thank-yous would never suffice. God bless you.
"I’d like to give a long overdue thank you to Dr. Young and her staff
I not only view you as a sculptor, but a very compassionate doctor who is a perfectionist in his work. Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be difficult for a woman. In 2004, I visited 4 surgeons and I chose you because of your reputation, experience and excellent final results. I was also quite moved by the work you do on women who need breast reconstruction due to cancer. Your passion was very evident the first time I met you. I am very happy to share my experience with anyone considering you as their surgeon.
"Dear Dr. Cannova: Thank you very much for the special care and attention you have given me since 2004
I have people always asking me in the summer if my breasts are real or fake, which is exactly what I wanted — a natural-looking implant. I have referred many people to Dr. Rast and plan to send many more. The staff was extremely nice and made you feel at ease with the whole process. I have had too many compliments to count on the great job he did — a very natural look. Thank you again to Dr. Rast and to everyone in the office who made the process a great experience.
"I just wanted to send a quick note! I had breast implants by Dr. Rast, and I have never been happier
You are a pleasure to be associated with. Your gentle yet knowledgeable bedside manner is quite refreshing and reassuring. Thank you so much for the outstanding care you provided to me
"A big shout out to Dr. Shahrooz for your expert professional care and diagnostic abilities
Dr. McClung gave me a confidence boost that I wasn’t sure I would find! He explained the breast augmentation procedure in a way I didn’t find with anyone else and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I am almost 3 months in the process, and my results are absolutely amazing with minimal scarring. I am so grateful for this team!
"Dr. McClung – results are absolutely amazing
Although I was prepared and excited for the laser treatment, I was not prepared for the results I had…just in the first week! I have spent my life very conscious of the brown spot on my face, feeling like it was the first thing everyone noticed, even though I camouflaged it and other dark spots with heavy make-up. The idea of being “naturally” beautiful didn’t exist in my eyes. Pictures speak for themselves. It hasn’t even been two weeks since the Excel V+ Laser treatment from Associated Plastic Surgeons and I find myself using less make-up and getting more sleep! Finally, I feel confident that people are seeing me, NOT the brown spot on my face.
"The Excel V+ Laser has forever changed my life
This surgery is helping me feel whole again, for that I am forever grateful.
"Dear Dr. Rast — I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life
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