5 Plastic Surgery Fears That Are Completely Normal

5 Plastic Surgery Fears That Are Completely Normal

Fear is something we all have. It can be a crippling experience, one where we are paralyzed and unable to make a single move forward. (Think spider in the bathtub!) Fear can also show itself in milder ways, such as the inability to make a decision because there are no guarantees of the outcome. Many plastic surgery patients express this “fear of the unknown” during their consultation. Questions about pain, anesthesia risks and botched results top the list of concerns. These patients are weighing their options and the fear is keeping them from following their hearts. We wanted to take a look at these anxiety causing fears and give you honest answers to help you ease your mind and prepare you for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Will the Pain Be Unbearable?

No one likes being in pain. Even those with a high tolerance for pain will not go out looking for it. So why would you elect to have a surgery that is not technically necessary? Plastic surgery, while not typically “prescribed” by a doctor as medically necessary, has many benefits that outweigh the discomfort felt during recovery. If you are experiencing depression from not looking your best or having back and shoulder pain from overly large breasts, having plastic surgery will alleviate these problems and leave you feeling much better. The lifelong effects of the surgery will overshadow the couple of weeks that you will experience some pain.
Your surgeon will prescribe pain medicine that will help to control the pain and make it manageable. You can help the healing process by making sure you follow your surgeon’s pre and post-op instructions carefully. For most procedures, such as a facelift, the pain is minimal and normal activity can be resumed in just a couple weeks. While some more invasive procedures, like a tummy tuck, may take a bit longer, resting and taking your medication will help to speed along the recovery process and reduce the pain you experience.

Will I Have a Complication from Anesthesia?

We all know there are risks associated with the use of anesthesia. In most cases, these risks are minimal.  We are also able to offer more and more surgeries under local anesthesia so you are awake during your procedure.   Your surgeon will discuss your medical history, examine your current health and will give you instructions for maintaining optimal health during the time before you have surgery. You may be asked to quit smoking or to stop taking certain medications or supplements prior to your surgery.

Will My Results Match My Expectations?

Bad results are the biggest fear people have about plastic surgery. Before and after photos, featuring celebrities who look worse after plastic surgery, are all over the magazine covers and can be quite the turn-off. These horror stories are not the norm! The key to loving your results is to have realistic goals before surgery and finding a board-certified plastic surgeon with the training and experience who can help you reach those goals.

Will I Be Judged Harshly By Others?

While we may want to wear a shirt that boldly states “These Are New,” the fear of being judged holds us back. Whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, there will always be someone who has to voice their negative opinion by either a hurtful remark about your specific results or by just a generalized statement about how plastic surgery is only for vain people. Is it fair, no. Is it going to happen, yes! The way to conquer this fear is by good old-fashioned courage. Remind yourself that you are having this procedure for YOU! As a result, YOU will feel better about yourself. As a result, YOU won’t be embarrassed to wear a bathing suit! Prepare yourself mentally before having your procedure and stay away from people who are known to be negative while you are recovering.

Will I Be Able to Afford My Procedure?

Money worries are always at the top of the list for just about everything. We don’t want money to be an issue! That is why we offer financing options that can help stretch your money while you enjoy the benefits of your procedure. Through our financing partner, you can extend your payments over 60 months. We also accept all major credit cards.
Don’t let these issues stop you from achieving your dream body! Our staff is dedicated to making our patients feel safe and at ease during the entire process. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have at any time! Contact us today to set up your consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons.