10 Things to Know About BOTOX In Overland Park

10 Things to Know About BOTOX In Overland Park

#1- BOTOX in Overland Park will not leave you with an expressionless face. It is a myth; you will not have a frozen face. You will still be able to laugh and cry and make expressions. Botox restricts expressions moderately. You will be refrained from smiling big and sometimes raising your eyebrows. However, you can still communicate with facial expressions.

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#2- BOTOX in Overland Park will not fully remove your wrinkles. This is not a miracle product. You will still have a few wrinkles. It will get rid of certain wrinkles but not all. Some wrinkles known as “static wrinkles” will remain/

#3 BOTOX is a brand name. We all refer to “Botox” as, well, Botox. But Botox is only one brand name — and not surprisingly, the most famous one. Many different brands create the neurotoxin that causes temporary muscular paralysis. Botox is just one brand.

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#4 BOTOX in Overland Park will make your face feel funny. This will happen because neurotoxin will make your face feel different. So, what does Botox feel like? Many patients describe the feeling as if there’s duct tape on their face.

#5 BOTOX is not just for women; men get it too. Are you a guy who wants to treat or prevent aging symptoms? Don’t be embarrassed to walk into a clinic and inquire about Botox. Plenty of men get BOTOX. Visit our office. Do not feel ashamed; men don’t want wrinkles either.

#6- BOTOX in Overland Park requires multiple sessions. It is going to take several sessions to get the desired outcome. It is a marathon not a sprint.

#7 BOTOX in Overland Park wants you to know how many units you get. If this is your first time getting Botox, you probably have no idea what “units” mean. To explain it easily, a “unit” is a specific amount of the neurotoxin injected into your skin. The more units in an injection site, the stronger the results. Ask how much you are getting and why.

BOTOX in Overland Park has become one of the most popular options in the Kansas City area for people who want to look younger without a lot of hassle or downtime. With BOTOX injections, you can look effortlessly refreshed at nearly any age. Associated Plastic Surgeons is proud to offer this reliable, effective treatment performed by our highly skilled plastic surgeons.

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