Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Dr. Mark McClung Answers Your Pressing Questions

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Dr. Mark McClung Answers Your Pressing Questions

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Dr. Mark McClung Answers Your Pressing Questions

When Dr. McClung became a plastic surgeon in Kansas City, he wanted to practice in an environment that encouraged careful listening—a clinic that involved the patient in every aspect of treatment planning. 

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, his practice encompasses a broad spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery—with a particular interest in facelifts, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty. “I enjoy the technical challenges inherent in these procedures,” Dr. McClung says. “I have always had an interest in problem solving. Plastic surgery just fits with the way my brain works. It’s 3-dimensional in a way that other specialties in surgery are not. You’re creating your patient’s result by the way you modify their existing tissue.”

Alongside a talented team of doctors at Associated Plastic Surgeons, Dr. McClung will gladly answer any questions you may have during your complimentary consultation at his Leawood office. In the meantime, here are several of his most frequently asked questions about procedures:

What are a few of the most important things to consider before choosing a plastic/cosmetic surgeon?

“It’s important to do your research on your surgeon and pick a board-certified surgeon that has experience in the areas of your needs. Your surgeon should make you feel comfortable, listen, answer all your questions, and be honest. 

What also makes a big difference? The team members who support your surgeon. Also, take time to read reviews and look for before and after photos from your surgeon.”

What does APS bring to the table that many other clinics do not? 

“The utmost respect to our clients. We feel honored and blessed to do what we do.  We take great pride in making our clients feel comfortable and their best mentally and physically.

For me, I have an excellent team of professionals that are involved in your care from start to finish. We continue to follow up with your care for up to a year post-surgery.  My staff and I want you to have an excellent experience from start to finish.”


Why is having a team of healthcare professionals important?

It’s not just important, it’s paramount. I’m proud of what my team brings to the table each and every day. 

Margie is my office patient care coordinator. She’ll discuss any concerns you might have and schedule your first consultation and your procedure. Her job is to coordinate with the surgery center and provide you with surgery details.

Kelly, meanwhile, is the team’s scrub tech who has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field and specializes in plastic surgery. She’s involved in assisting in the O.R. and all patients’ follow-up appointments. While she primarily works behind the scenes with the medical supplies and instruments, her knowledge and experience speaks for itself.  With Kelly on board, patients know they are in good hands.

Finally, Joyce is Team McClung’s office nurse and nurse scrub assistant. Not only has she been a nurse for 17 years, but she’s also worked alongside me for nearly a decade. Joyce is involved in prepping you for surgery, going over pre- and post-surgery details and instructions. She’s also hands-on with you during almost every aspect of your procedure. 

The goal of each of my team members? To treat each patient like family and make sure you feel comfortable before going into your procedure.”

What should I expect during a complimentary consultation?

“Our patients can expect our undivided attention and expertise. We’ll take as much time as needed for patients to ask any questions and become familiar with how things work. During the consultation, we’ll also go over the procedure options, risks, and what to expect. 

During your consultation, I will examine the problem area and provide my recommendations, along with the type of results you can expect and what recovery looks like. We’ll take pre-op pictures, and a quote is given the same day.”

How do I know I’m picking the right cosmetic surgeon?

“As I remind people, you need to be your own best advocate. Ask questions. Read reviews. Find a surgeon who you trust and who puts you at ease thanks to their knowledge, experience, and guidance. Finally, do they have a support team who are eager and ready to help?”

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