Dad Bod Be Gone! Find Out the Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Dad Bod Be Gone! Find Out the Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

We know, we know—chances are guys aren’t apt to stand around the locker room and discuss love handles and nose jobs. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t acutely aware of problem areas they could remedy via plastic surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures performed on men has increased nearly 30 percent since 2000. Even though men may not openly discuss it, plastic surgery has become a go-to option. Many surgical procedures are available, including neck lifts, male breast reduction, and liposuction.

“Forget older and wiser,” says Dr. Mark McClung, who has seen hundreds of male patients over his storied 25-year career. “I see plenty of men who aren’t shy about turning back the hands of time. It may take a bit more nudging, but the results are worth it.”

In 2020, ASPS ranked the seven most popular surgeries for men. Rhinoplasty ranked at the top of the list while facelifts came in last. Eyelid surgery, cheek implants, liposuction, ear contouring, and gynecomastia surgery rounded out the list.

We asked Dr. McClung about some of the most frequent questions he gets from men—and, surprisingly, most aren’t shy about asking about what procedures would be a good fit.

There’s the popular Mommy Makeover, but what sort of procedures work well for guys?

“In a word—liposuction, for both waist and flank contouring. Men undergo far fewer abdominoplasties than women because of the nature of their intraabdominal fat distribution. So, if you have a pronounced beer belly, the procedure isn’t always that effective. It’s more common for love handles or posterior flanks. These areas are well treated with liposuction.

Male breast reduction, meanwhile, is a relatively common problem that’s treated with a combination of liposuction and tissue removal thru small incisions. It’s a condition that results in overly developed breast tissue and is common in men of any age.”

What sort of results can men expect—and how long does it take?

“Of course, the timing of results can vary per procedure. But, in general, most procedures require around two weeks of recovery. Eyelids can be a little shorter—particularly if it’s only upper eyelids.

Heavy-duty liposuction procedures require at least three weeks in a compression garment. And, if you’re a workout fanatic, be advised—most procedures require you to forgo cardio exercise for three weeks and resistance exercise for up to a month.”

Is it typically a series of procedures—or one all-encompassing surgery?

“Sorry, boys. You can’t do everything in one fell swoop. Most surgeries are standalone procedures. One common combination is to do eyelids and a facelift together. Multiple body contouring procedures can potentially be an option—such as a gynecomastia correction and liposuction of the waistline.”

What typical questions do dudes have?

“When it comes to cosmetic surgery, there’s no dumb question. Men are always curious about expected benefits, overall risk, treatment alternatives, cost, and recovery. And, yes, they almost always have concerns about the visibility of scarring. But, not to worry, scars are typically small and well-hidden.”

What are some things patients might not know/need to know about various procedures?

“There are several. For one, rhinoplasty can take up to one year to achieve the final result. And liposuction can result in areas of unexpected numbness—depending on how aggressive the procedure is.

Here in the metro, I certainly don’t see men wanting cheek implants, despite being on the list of top procedures done nationally. And I have yet to do pec implants, but the results can be outstanding.”

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