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First Steps to Take When Considering a Breast Augmentation in Kansas City

Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is a significant cosmetic procedure. Breast augmentation creates a change in your body and contour. You should be prepared and familiarize yourself with the first steps to take when considering a breast augmentation in Kansas City.

What Are the First Steps to Take When Considering a Breast Augmentation?

Before making decisions about your new breast size or the right surgeon, it is important to decide if a breast augmentation is the right procedure for you.

Your Physician

Choosing a surgeon will be one of the most important decisions you make about your breast augmentation procedure. While many surgeons can perform the procedure, only a select few have the experience and training to create the body contour and silhouette you are looking for.

Look for a surgeon with extensive plastic surgery training who has had positive results and reviews by patients. Friends and family can help make recommendations, and you may want to look through online reviews to find an excellent plastic surgeon in the Kansas City area.

Your surgeon will help you decide the size, shape, and type of the implant used. They will perform the surgery and direct your post-operative care to ensure the best outcome and results. Each of these steps crucially influences the results of the surgery and protects your health.


Once you have narrowed your search, schedule a consultation with your top choice. A consultation does not commit you to having surgery. Instead, it is an opportunity for you to meet the surgeon and the staff, ask questions, and get advice. You want to be completely comfortable with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure and caring for you afterward.

Go to the appointment with a set of prepared questions and concerns. You might want to bring photographs of how you want your breasts to look after the surgery so the surgeon can give you an expert opinion on how well that will work with your body shape and contour. Your anatomy impacts the results of the procedure, and this offers you and your surgeon a good starting point for conversations about the type of breast augmentation you would like performed.

Type of Breast Augmentation

There are several types of breast augmentation your surgeon will discuss with you.

During your initial consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the implant size to meet your cosmetic goals. It is important to remember that the size of the implant can look dramatically different on two different women because of their anatomy. Body type and amount of existing breast tissue are important factors when considering the size of the implant. There are also decisions to be made about the shape and the implant material. Each of these decisions influences the outcome of the surgery.

Preparation Before Surgery

While the final preparation before surgery is important, it is not typically a first consideration when you are first thinking about undergoing breast augmentation in Kansas City. However, it is important to understand how the surgery will impact your day-to-day life in the first several weeks after the procedure to ensure that you have enough support from friends and family to heal properly.

On average, it takes roughly six to eight weeks to fully recover from the procedure. Some women feel back to normal after two weeks, but each woman has a different experience based on factors like age, health history, physical fitness, and lifestyle. After four weeks, many women can resume exercising, but you cannot do any heavy lifting until roughly six weeks after surgery. For women who have young children, preparing for surgery often means having someone to help lift and care for their children until they have fully healed.

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