How Botox Can Help Reduce the Signs of Aging on Your Jaw and Neck

How Botox Can Help Reduce the Signs of Aging on Your Jaw and Neck

As a leading med spa in Overland Park, our team at Associated Plastic Surgeons knows that as people get older, their neck and jawline usually show noticeable signs of aging. This is due to many factors, and we will discuss those in this article. We’ll also cover some of the best procedures to turn the clock back improve the appearance of these areas.

What Causes Neck and Jaw Wrinkles?

Collagen Decline

Collagen decline begins somewhere around the age of 30. This is a natural process that is unavoidable; however, you can slow its progression with some simple habits. Things like avoiding the sun, wearing sunscreen, not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and reduced sugar intake, are all big ways to slow down the aging process. Wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun doesn’t just improve collagen decline, but it helps to decrease your chances of skin cancer.


Genetics play a huge factor in a sagging or wrinkled neckline. If your family has a history of this type of aging, chances are you might have it too. However, there are ways to remove excess skin, tighten skin, and stop the formation of wrinkles. Botox injections in Overland Park are a good start to filling in those fine lines and wrinkles that are starting to form as you age.


Lots of repeated movement will eventually cause wrinkling and creases. Much like smile lines, neck muscles and skin can also form unsightly skin blemishes. It’s well known that moving the same muscles repeatedly in the same position will cause wrinkles. This can be around the eyes, mouth, nose, and other areas that move when you chew, smile, laugh or frown. Facial movement is unavoidable; however, you can significantly reduce and minimize the effects of aging with some helpful treatments.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth at night not only can damage your teeth and jawbone, but it can also affect your neckline, surrounding muscles, and skin. The tight clutching and repetitive grinding can cause the neck and jaw to form excessive lines.

What Can I Do Now?

Now is an excellent time to act, especially if you notice fine lines and wrinkles or if you have had them for some time. You should consider seeking out the help of a med spa in Overland Park to look at your options. Botox in Overland Park, chemical peels, plastic surgery, and many other procedures are available to you to help you reach your desired results.

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we are a full-service med spa providing patients with customized treatments and medical-grade skincare products to give you results you can see! We have you covered everything from chemical peels in Overland Park to Botox injections in Overland Park.

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