Interested in a Mommy Makeover? Here Are Five Things You Should Know:

Interested in a Mommy Makeover? Here Are Five Things You Should Know:

As any mom can tell you, having a baby can cause significant changes in the appearance of their bodies. And, Lord knows, gravity isn’t helping the situation either. That’s why many women turn to the talented team at Associated Plastic Surgeons for a Mommy Makeover—a procedure to help them get their pre-baby bodies back.

With plenty of variations on the theme, a mommy makeover can help restore the appearance and shape of a woman’s body after their childbearing years. Depending on a patient’s goals, the makeover is usually performed as a single-stage procedure, which alleviates the added stress of having multiple surgeries. Common treatment areas often include the breasts, abdomen, waist, genitalia, and buttocks. “I see patients for this operation anywhere from mid-30s to around 70 years old,” says Associated Plastic Surgeon’s Dr. Mark McClung, who has done thousands of these successful contouring procedures over his 25-year career. “Of course, everyone is different. It’s all about motivation and when each patient wants to pursue this procedure.”

Interested in learning more? McClung says these are the top five things you should know before considering a mommy makeover.

5) Snoop around. Get referrals. Find a surgeon who listens to what you want.

Half the battle, says McClung, is finding an established and reputable plastic surgeon who checks all your boxes, whatever those may be. Gab with your galpals, ask for a consultation, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to be your own best advocate, he says.

4) Breast and abdomen work are a given, but what other options are there?

“Liposuction of the posterior flanks and back can also be performed during the procedure,” says McClung. “But if there are any other problem areas you think should be addressed, ask your surgeon accordingly. Typically, the procedure lasts around four hours, but can be longer depending on additional aesthetic enhancements.”

3) The question on everyone’s mind: what about downtime?

Again, everyone is different, mentions McClung. “Typically, the limitations of recovery are defined by the abdominal muscle repair with a ten-pound lifting restriction for around six weeks,” he says. “Immediate post-op recovery may also involve managing a drain. Early-onset pain is helped with the injection of Exparel, a time-released local anesthetic that can be injected during surgery for three days of pain control. Often oral narcotics and Valium are also prescribed. The combination of abdominoplasty and breast lift with implants usually requires a two-week period away from work.”

2) The best age to consider the procedure is …

“… is really whenever the patient deems fit,” adds McClung. “These operations are typically done once all pregnancies and breastfeeding are complete. The difference is as one age, patients are more likely to have to address skin issues in the abdomen and more likely to need a full breast lift versus implants or, say, a more minimal lift.”

1) Breast implants or breast lift? Or both?

“The correction typically includes implants due to volume loss from breastfeeding,” says McClung. “Commonly a breast lift (mastopexy) is also performed but this is all individualized depending on the patient’s anatomy. Listen to your doctor and what he suggests. And look at examples, like, before/after photos so you know what to expect.”

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, all of our doctors are well-versed in the popular mommy makeover procedure and ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Want to learn more or schedule a consultation? Call us today at (913) 451-3722 or visit us here.