Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction removes unwanted fat from areas of your body such as your hips, chest, face or stomach, to tighten skin or remove cellulite.

Recovery at the office directly after the procedure usually takes about an hour.  During this hour, the staff will be taking care of you and ensuring that recovery is as comfortable and safe as possible.

The Liposuction procedure is a relatively easy procedure to recover from, but it is still surgery, so you can expect to have some pain level. For your pain, often you are prescribed medication, or you can take over-the-counter pain relievers. At Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City, we pride ourselves on patient care and making sure you are as comfortable as possible after receiving liposuction in Kansas City.

For the first few weeks post-surgery, you will need to take extra steps to take care of yourself. You should wear compression garments to ensure you steer clear of the possibility of blood clots.  You will wear this garment nonstop post-surgery.  Once cleared by your doctor, you can reduce the number of times your wear it.

When it comes to liposuction surgery in Kansas City, our team at Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City can give you recommendations to get the best results.  During this critical recovery period, you must refrain from showering, driving, sex, and other strenuous activities.  A sponge bath or using the sink to avoid getting the incision area wet can be utilized to ensure proper healing.

Two weeks post-surgery is usually a great time to start transitioning back to your everyday life. During this period, you might be ready to return to work and start doing light movement exercises.  You will still be required to wear your compression garment most of the day. Liposuction in Kansas City experts suggests talking to your doctor to give you a safe recovery plan.

Also after two weeks, your doctor may give you the “all-clear” to return to work, although you should still plan on wearing your compression garment for about twelve hours a day for at least a month. It would be best to start back on a light exercise program during this time, including walking and stretching as your doctor recommends.

Post-Surgery Checklist:

  • Control Swelling – wearing compression garments to ensure proper healing
  • Control pain – prescription or over the counter pain control will be advised for you
  • Take it easy – restriction of movement, and taking time to heal, rest, recover
  • Care For Your Incision location – take care to watch for infection, excessive swelling, or pain(remember some pain is normal)
  • Don’t Rush Recovery – it takes time for your body to heal properly

Three months post-surgery is when you will start seeing the results that you want.  Swelling and bruising should subside.  The incision will most likely be fully healed, and you will be feeling more normal.  The most challenging part for many patients is wanting to see the results immediately after the procedure, but it takes time to heal and see the results you desire.  At Associated Plastic Surgeons of Kansas City, we know that liposuction surgery in Kansas City can give you all the tools you need to plan the best after-care program possible.

Liposuction is a great way to eliminate stubborn areas of fat that don’t go away even with a healthy diet and exercise.  However, understanding that it is a surgery that requires time to heal and recover is important when planning.  Complications are rare but can occur, so following your doctors’ orders is vital.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of liposuction recovery, register on our website to request a consultation today. Our staff at Associated Plastic Surgeons can give you a tour of the office and answer any question you have about liposuction in Kansas City and recovery.

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