Medical Grade Skin Care Products: Why They Are Better Than Over the Counter Options

Medical Grade Skin Care Products: Why They Are Better Than Over the Counter Options

There are so many skincare products on the market, and they are often quite expensive. It can be hard to know what to use and what your skin type is without seeking advice from a professional med spa in Kansas City. There are skincare and even makeup products that are natural, safe for skin, and available for purchase at a plastic surgery med spa in Kansas City.

It can be challenging to know exactly what type of skin products are best for you. Luckily, our team at Associated Plastic Surgeons is here to help. Here are some of the top things to look for when it comes to medical-grade products for your skincare routine:

Are They Sold by a Licensed Medical Professional at a Med Spa in Kansas City?

No matter where you look: over the counters, sold on tv, or the internet, you will hear about products claiming to be “medical grade.” However, if you didn’t purchase them through a med spa or from a professional, then it simply isn’t true. Even though they are made in a lab by medical professionals, it does not make them medical-grade products. The general public is often confused by this distinction.

They Have Clinical Effectiveness

You would be surprised at how many people use skincare products that weren’t tested on humans during clinical trials. This is important because animal-tested products do not translate effectively to humans. Also, make sure and check with top plastic surgeons in Overland Park to make sure they have a well-documented history of effectiveness with their own patients to ensure that it’s a product that is well liked.

They Will Have More of the Active Ingredients That Give You Results

Many over-the-counter products have small traces of active ingredients that are used for anti-aging. It’s usually just enough to squeak by to call it an ingredient. When you purchase products from a med spa, you are guaranteed to have higher quality as well as more active ingredients. Over-the-counter products are often lower quality, contain fewer active ingredients, and are still pricey.

They Offer Complementary Products and Services

You will not get the best possible results if you don’t combine med spa services with the right products. When it comes to getting any procedure done, the reality is you have to stick to a skincare routine to keep seeing progress. For instance, if you get a chemical peel but love to be poolside all summer, it’s not good to lay in the sun and further damage your skin. Talk to your esthetician to see what skincare products they have that give you the necessary sun protection.

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