Microneedling vs. Radio Frequency Microneedling

Microneedling vs. Radio Frequency Microneedling

As all Leawood plastic surgeons know, two essential components of healthy skin are blood flow and collagen.  Increased blood flow can provide nutrients and oxygen to the skin while giving it that extra glow.  Collagen is a vital structural component of the skin that gives shape and contour.   

Over time, certain factors can break down the collagen and lead to uneven skin texture.  Smoking, pollution, and stress are just a few reasons why our skin can lose its youthful glow.  That is where a procedure for microneedling in Leawood can reduce the signs of aging skin. 

What are the different types of microneedling? 

Microneedling in Leawood 

A procedure that penetrates the skin using very fine, sterile needles is known as microneedling.  This process is done to stimulate wound healing.  After the microneedling has taken place, collagen and elastin work together to improve the skin’s texture and tightness.   

Radio Frequency Microneedling in Leawood 

Using radio frequency heat and microneedling to increase collagen and elastin production is known as radio frequency microneedling.  The heat is distributed between the needles when they are entered into the skin, which causes boosts in collagen and elastin. 

Where on the body should microneedling and radio frequency microneedling be used? 

Both microneedling and radio frequency microneedling serve the same purpose; they are used to tighten the skin and improve circulation to the treated area.  Both can be used in many different areas but are most commonly used on the face, where they improve: acne scars, wrinkles, and other blemishes. 

Both microneedling and radio frequency microneedling work well with plateletrich plasma (PRP).  After a microneedling or radio frequency microneedling procedure, PRP is added topically to the treated skin area and enhances the wound healing, collagen, and elastin.  PRP is a 100 percent natural procedure, which is an excellent complement to both versions of microneedling.   

Which treatment is better for acne scarring? 

Microneedling in Leawood has proven to be an effective treatment for acne and acne scarring.  However, radio frequency microneedling in Leawood typically speeds up the process a bit more and requires fewer treatment sessions than standard microneedling treatment. 

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