Preparing for Your Skin for Microneedling in Kansas City

Preparing for Your Skin for Microneedling in Kansas City

There are many skin enhancement products and procedures on the market today.  One procedure that is gaining momentum is microneedling in Kansas City.  Microneedling is when the skin is poked with tiny, sterilized needles, which causes the body to make more collagen and elastin.  Many of the best Kansas City plastic surgeons credit both collagen and elastin for healing the skin and making it appear younger.   

If you want to jump right into a microneedling treatment plan, that may not be the best path to success.  This article will give you some helpful tips to get your skin prepared for your microneedling in Kansas City procedure.  A few things to focus on are: 

  • Do NoOver-Exfoliate Your Skin 
  • Avoid Aggressive Acids 
  • Stay Out of the Sunlight 
  • Arrive with Clean, Dry Skin 

Do Not Over-Exfoliate Your Skin 

In the days before your procedure for microneedling in Kansas City, avoid using any chemicals or creams that can have harsh effects on your skin.  The last thing you want to do before a microneedling procedure is put your skin into a state of chaos.  Steer clear of any moisturizers or creams that might activate the skin for three days before your microneedling appointment.  

If you feel the need to use any creams in the days before your procedure, look for products that are non-irritating.  Aloe Vera and cucumber-based creams are some of the calmest on the market but check with your physician to ensure these are safe to use before your visit.   

“The last thing you want to do before a microneedling procedure is put your skin into a state of chaos.” 

Avoid Aggressive Acids 

If you regularly use any products containing alpha-hydroxy acids or retinol, many Kansas City plastic surgeons recommend putting these items away for a minimum of 48 hours.  Some facilities recommend going as long as one week without using any cremes containing acids.  Check with your physician to see what they recommend.  Your skin should be as calm as possible for your microneedling procedure.   

Stay Out of the Sunlight

Like acids, excessive sun exposure can activate or cause damage to the skin.  Avoiding direct sunlight is recommended for at least three days before microneedling can take place.   

Arrive with Clean, Dry Skin

Ensure that your face is clean and dry when you arrive for your microneedling in Kansas City procedure.  A technician may need to wipe your face when you arrive to ensure that your skin is ready for your visit.  Once your visit is complete, listen closely to your physician for after-care advice on how to make the most of your microneedling procedure. 

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