Regular BOTOX in Overland Park Prevents Wrinkles

Regular BOTOX in Overland Park Prevents Wrinkles

Regular BOTOX in Overland Park Prevents Wrinkles: At our med spa in Overland Park, one of the many services we provide is BOTOX for its ability to erase wrinkles and give your face that youthful look. KC plastic surgeons have assisted many patients in Overland Park with BOTOX treatments. At our med spa, Overland Park BOTOX injections are performed by some of the top plastic surgeons in the area. This ensures that you benefit from their in-depth knowledge, experience, and skills. Working with some of the area’s top medical professionals will give you the best results possible. Keeping up with your appointments for BOTOX in Overland Park can actually prevent wrinkles, not just treat them.

How does BOTOX in Overland Park get rid of wrinkles?

The whisper behind the scenes. The secret to the ant-aging power of BOTOX is that it interrupts signals from your brain telling certain muscles to contract over time. The signal interruption lets the muscles relax and allows the overlaying skin to become smooth and stay wrinkle-free. Thus, making you look and feel fabulous. Make an appointment at the med spa in Overland Park today to try it.

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At Associated Plastic Surgeons, BOTOX in Overland Park injections are most frequently recommended for men and women who want to correct:

  • Lines between the eyebrows 
  • Forehead creases 
  • Crow’s feet 

Why keep regular BOTOX appointments at med spa in Overland Park?

Anytime you have BOTOX in Overland Park is a time when your skin can lay smoothly. This is a time when it is free of wrinkling from those muscles movements we discussed earlier. BOTOX typically lasts about three to four months so visit the med spa in Overland Park regularly to keep up with your beauty routine. Consider a membership program designed to keep you keep you smiling and those wrinkles at bay.

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What to expect at your first visit to our med spa in Overland Park

You will meet one of our plastic surgeons in Overland Park for a consultation. This will determine if you are a good candidate for BOTOX injections in Overland Park. If the treatment is right for you, we will mark the areas to be treated and may also apply a topical numbing cream to the skin for added comfort. BOTOX injections are gently and strategically administered using a thin, delicate needle. This process typically involves minimal to no discomfort and takes just minutes to complete.

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