Tips for Rhinoplasty Recovery

Tips for Rhinoplasty Recovery

When recovering from a Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood, it’s important to remember it takes special care, and time for your body to heal.  At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we have provided a list of tips to ensure the best recovery possible from your nose job Leawood.

Listen to Your Body

In recovery after a procedure, everyone heals at a different pace.  Paying attention to how your body is feeling and recovering is essential to the healing process. If you feel excessive pain or like something isn’t quite right, make sure and talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Listen to Your Doctor

Your doctor is the expert when you have Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood and knows your specific case. Keeping an open dialogue with the staff is essential in the healing process.  Doing your own research is great, but keep in mind it’s only a template and not specific to your recovery.  Your doctors’ orders should be followed, as well as the post-surgery care instructions they provide.

Keep Your Nose Elevated

Sleeping with your head elevated can be difficult for most people, but it is vital for six weeks post nose job Leawood.  Not only does lying flat cause swelling, but it can also cause your nose to be moved slightly.  Keeping proper placement while you sleep can be achieved by sitting in a recliner-type chair to sleep, propping yourself up with pillows, and putting your head in a travel neck pillow to ensure no movement during sleeping.

Ice Your Nose And Keep Cool

Post Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood, it’s essential to apply a cold compress to the area for a couple of days following.  This keeps swelling and bruising to a minimum. Some people consider taking a warm bath or eating hot foods, but this should be avoided.  The heat causes your nose to swell, which can cause the surgery to be unsuccessful as the bones and tissues can shift slightly, causing misshaping over time.

Get Rest

When your body goes through surgery or procedure, it is crucial to allow yourself time to heal.  The pain and uncomfortable feeling of healing can cause a lack of good sleep, which in return causes the body to heal slower.

Resist Blowing Your Nose

Post-surgery will feel like your nose is severely congested, but this is only due to swelling of the nose tissues. You will have to resist blowing your nose, or it could break away tissue and shift what the doctor put in place during the Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood. The doctor will supply you with a nasal spray to keep the inside of your nose moisturized while healing.

Avoid Exercise

Like most surgical procedures, it takes about six weeks to heal fully.  Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood is no different. If you start up your exercise routine too soon, it can cause swelling in your nose, as well as bending, which can give too much blood flow to the nose area. It best to ease back into exercise once you have gotten the release from your doctor.

Don’t Wear Anything on your Face

Glasses both for reading and for the sun can put too much pressure on your nose.  This can cause swelling even if they are lightweight. If wearing glasses is essential during your recovery, talk to your doctor about some ways to be able to do this. It most likely requires some post-procedure planning, such as placing special splints to help uphold the weight.

Stay Inside

You may be tempted to sit outside during recovery and enjoy the outdoors.  However, skin after surgery is prone to burning and can cause discoloration long-term to the skin exposed.

Refrain From Smoking

Smoking causes blood flow to be minimized, making your body work harder during the healing process.  If you are looking for another reason to quit smoking, this might be an excellent opportunity to get your body ready for surgery and heal properly post-surgery.

Remember, the healing process takes time and is different for everyone.  When considering Rhinoplasty surgery in Leawood, Associated Plastic Surgeons is glad to assist you in learning about the procedure and how we can assist you throughout this process.  We offer consultations online, or you can give our office a call at 913-451-3722.