Should I Consider Preventative Botox?

Should I Consider Preventative Botox?

Botox in Kansas City is something that has been around for a while. Often, people think of Botox as something to do later in life when the signs of aging start to appear. But did you know preventative Botox can ward off major age lines while they are still discrete?

Our experts at Associated Plastic Surgeons know that Botox injections in Kansas City are becoming more popular, especially with young adults. Basically, it comes down to one important question, “Is it the right treatment for you?” Here are three of the most popular questions that people ask when considering preventative Botox.

Can I afford it?

The truth is, Botox injections in Kansas City are typically expensive. But when you consider how much some people spend on expensive skincare creams it isn’t much more to try Botox injections. A trusted med spa in Kansas City, like Associated Plastic Surgeons, also has some affordable options and specials that make it accessible to those wanting to try Botox.

We also offer some great alternative treatments that may give you the results you want to see. Make sure and consult with one of our plastic surgeons in Kansas City to ensure that Botox is the right option for you.

Will I Get Results?

Botox stops wrinkles from appearing the younger you are and the smaller the wrinkles are. Botox also makes wrinkles appear smaller, even if they are already deep wrinkles.

One of best benefits of Botox in Kansas City at an early age is that you will likely need less Botox as you grow older. Therefore, if you know you want Botox later in life, it might be wise to consider preventative Botox now in order to limit future treatments.

When your face makes the same expression over and over, it can create wrinkles in specific areas. Botox assists by blocking the nerves that cause these creases. When those nerves are blocked early on, it prevents these lines from forming in the first place or makes them less pronounced.

So YES! You will see results!

Can I Target Specific Areas?

Usually, in your 20s and 30s, you will start to see fine lines develop. These will only get more pronounced as you age. Over time, you will see these problem areas early in their development and have them treated before they become more noticeable.

Many people have wrinkles they would like to see minimized, and Botox is a great way to stop those wrinkles in their tracks.

At Associated Plastic Surgeons, we have a premier med spa in Kansas City, housing some of the best plastic surgeons in Kansas City. We have been a trusted source for anti-aging in the KC metro since 1977, with proven solutions and the highest quality of patient care.

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