Skin Procedures to Get Ready for Spring in Kansas City

Skin Procedures to Get Ready for Spring in Kansas City

As we begin to get excited about the warmer temperatures and the improving weather, it’s a good time to start thinking about your skin.  We all want that fresh, glowing skin to make us feel rejuvenated for the Spring and Associated Plastic Surgeons has some advice from the best Kansas City plastic surgeons on how to make that happen.

Here are a few procedures we recommend at APSKC to begin your Spring with healthy, glowing skin.

Microneedling in Kansas City

Spring for many is kind of like celebrating the new year, it’s a fresh start.  It’s the first warm weather season after going through a chilly fall and a brutally cold winter.  So, an excellent procedure to start off the spring is microneedling in Kansas City.

Some microneedling procedures infuse PRP (platelet rich plasma) to help bring some extra glow to the surface of the skin.  During a microneedling procedure with PRP, the treatment is conducted using a device, most likely a fine needle pen or a derma roller, which will infuse the skin with: PRP, stem cells, and growth factors.

This procedure is known for providing both immediate and long-term results.  It is the perfect way to get ready for the warmer weather and get a head start on getting that perfect glow or tan from your days outside in the sun.

Pulsed Light Treatments & Vi Chemical Peels in Kansas City

Another way to improve skin tone to kick off the spring is through a VI chemical peel procedure, or a series of multiple procedures.  Vi Chemical Peels in Kansas City can be combined with IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light Treatments) to improve tone as well as skin texture.

IPL is also widely regarded as being a very effective way to treat acne, broken blood vessels, and sunspots.  Though IPL can be successful for nearly all patients, the best Kansas City plastic surgeons have seen it be most effective for patients with fair or medium skin tones.

Botox® in Kansas City

One common procedure to assist in slowing down the aging of skin is Botox®.  Over time, etched lines can develop in the skin, especially on the face, and Botox® can help hide them for as long as possible.  Many KC plastic surgeons suggest a Botox® procedure before you turn 30 if you want to prevent lines from developing over the long haul.

If you are looking to kickstart your Spring with healthy, glowing skin, then contact Associated Plastic Surgeons today.

Since 1977, our goal has been to provide the most effective plastic surgery solutions, and the highest level of patient care.  We look forward to helping you with all your skincare needs.