The 5 Stages of Healing After Breast Augmentation Surgery in Overland Park

The 5 Stages of Healing After Breast Augmentation Surgery in Overland Park

Breast enhancement surgery in Overland Park is one of the more popular surgeries out there. Each year thousands of women have this procedure done safely, and hundreds here in the Kansas City metro by one of the best plastic surgeons in Overland Park. There are life-changing benefits associated with choosing to have breast augmentation surgery in Overland Park.

Before moving forward with the procedure, you may want to know what to expect with the recovery, so here at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we put together a list of what to expect after your breast enhancement surgery in Overland Park. A successful recovery begins with following your surgeon’s instructions. You can take some steps before the surgery to enhance your comfort during the recovery, especially in the first few days after the procedure. This, of course just an idea of the process. This is a major surgery and would be different depending on the patient.

  • The Day of Surgery: Breast augmentation in Overland Park is performed on an outpatient basis. So, you will need someone to spoil you that day. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. You will have some prescriptions to take post-surgery and some lingering effects from the anesthesia, so stay in bed and watch some movies.
  • The First 5-7 Days After Surgery: These are the most uncomfortable days. You will be bruised and battered a bit. You should start feeling better toward the end of the week. Our KC plastic surgeons will check in on you, but good days are on the horizon. Stay hydrated and rest up.
  • 1-3 Weeks After Surgery: During this phase, you can add more back to your routine after your breast augmentation surgery in Overland Park begins really healing. The protocol will be laid out on what you can specifically do, but by now, you will be feeling more like you.
  • 4-6 Weeks After Surgery: By now, strenuous activity is on its way fully back into your life, and you may even add some cardio. Stay away from heavy lifting, though.
  • Final Results: It is going to take about three to six months before you will see the final results of your breast enhancement in Overland Park. It takes time for all the swelling to go down, so be a “patient patient”!

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