The History of Microneedling

The History of Microneedling

There are many cosmetic procedures available today to help improve your skin.  One procedure that many people think is relatively new is called microneedling in Kansas City.  This procedure has actually been around for quite some time, so let’s look back at the history of microneedling. 

Ancient Chinese, 100 B.C.  

Although there are no specific documented microneedling procedures from ancient China, there are books dating back to 100 BC which reference microneedling and acupuncture.   The original purpose of microneedling was to allow Qi (vital energy) to flow throughout the body by opening new channels.   

Today, microneedling in Kansas City is used similarly to how it was used in ancient China.  Cosmetic surgeons in Kansas City use numerous needles to make small punctures in the skin to promote self-healing. 

Germany, early 1900s 

It is believed that microneedling has been used for thousands of years, but the first documented procedure was not recorded until 1905.  A dermatologist by the name of Ernst Kromayer specialized in microneedling by using dental burs in various sizes.  The burs were powered by motors and were used to treat scars, hyperpigmentation, and birthmarks.   

Canada, Late 1990s  

Throughout the 20th century, microneedling was used in many different parts of the world, but one significant breakthrough happened in Canada in 1996.  A plastic surgeon named Dr. Andre Camirand discovered that using tattoo needles to puncture the skin vastly improved scarred skin and was effective in breaking down scar collagen.  Patients noticed immediate improvements in their scars, and their overall skin color was enhanced.   

Philadelphia, 1990s 

Another innovator that many of the best Kansas City plastic surgeons take after is Dr. Desmond Fernandes from Philadelphia.  Dr. Fernandes was the first person to develop a needle stamp for microneedling procedures.  Dr. Fernandes also used a dermaroller during procedures, which helped to stimulate collagen productions.   

Many of today’s KC plastic surgeons continue to use some of the same skin needling techniques as Dr. Fernandes.  These techniques are widely regarded as the safest and most effective ways to treat scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and lax skin.  Patients can expect to notice a more glowing appearance to their skin after a microneedling session. 

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