The Most Common Areas for Liposuction

The Most Common Areas for Liposuction

The Most Common Areas for Liposuction 

When unwanted fat just does not want to leave your body, many people will turn to liposuction surgery in Leawood.  You may wonder if certain areas of the body can or cannot be treated with liposuction.  In this article, we will cover some of the most common areas that patients want to be tightened up by liposuction in Leawood. 

  • Abdomen 
  • Thighs 
  • Love Handles 
  • Hips 
  • Upper Arms 

Before moving forward with any liposuction procedure, you should always consult with a liposuction surgeon in Leawood to ensure that you are the right candidate. 


Among men and women, this is one of the most common areas for liposuction surgery in Leawood.  Obesity is one reason people turn to liposuction, as body fat can be particularly tough to burn off near the abdomen.   

For pregnant women, a successful liposuction procedure would prevent them from a tummy tuck.  Liposuction can also eliminate fat near where a c-section incision was made.   


The thighs are another popular area for liposuction in Leawood.  Many people who interested in liposuction for their thighs are not happy with how disproportionate their thighs are compared to the rest of their body.  The procedure is done on both the inner and outer regions of the thighs to remove as much excess fat as possible. 


Fat near the hips is very stubborn, similar to that of thighs.  Genetics has a lot to do with this, and the fat can be resistant to diet and exercise.  That is why many people turn to a liposuction surgeon in Leawood for help with removing the stored fat. 

Love Handles 

The nickname for the area above the hip bones, the “love handles” on men are most present when wearing tight-wasted pants or a belt.  With women, this area can also be near the bra line or the shoulder blades.  No matter which area, whether it is for men or women, liposuction can treat those stubborn love handles. 

Upper Arms 

This area is most common for women.  Excess fat can quickly add up in the upper arms.  Liposuction can aid in removing the fat from the upper arms and, in some cases, remove the excess skin that hangs from the upper arms. 

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