Tips on Treating Adult Acne with The Help of a Med Spa in Kansas City

Tips on Treating Adult Acne with The Help of a Med Spa in Kansas City

Most people expect acne during their teenage years. However, for those still struggling with acne well into their adult lives, it can be especially frustrating. Suffering from adult acne can take its toll on mental health and increase rates of depression for many people living with this condition.

Many people have tried chemical peels in Kansas City and dermaplaning in Kansas City to try to treat acne. Most have found that when staying consistent with some simple at-home care, they can start to get on top of adult acne and begin to see positive results.

Top Kansas City Plastic Surgeons agree that treating acne with professionals in addition to your at home routine is your best chance for reducing or eliminating this issue. Here are some popular treatment options for adult acne:

A Consistent Face Washing Routine

This routine seems simple enough but is often forgotten. It is essential to get in the habit of removing all makeup, cleansing any pollutants left on your skin, and washing your face before going to bed. Skipping just one night can lead to significant skin breakouts. It is also important to wash your face first thing in the morning after a long night of sleep.

Make sure you are using the right skincare products for your skin type. The wrong product can harm your skin and make a breakout worse, which is why seeking the expertise of a med spa in Kansas City is so important. They can evaluate your skin and acne to see what the best products are for your skin type and educate you on the right treatments.

Try Medications Recommended From Kansas City Plastic Surgeons

Any plastic surgeon working with a med spa can give you recommendations for appropriate medications that have a history of clearing up acne. Fighting bacteria that cause breakouts, as well as evaluating any hormonal imbalances which are a big cause for breakouts, is key to getting some relief from adult acne. Make sure to speak with your doctor about getting an exam to rule out some of these conditions before starting treatments.

Get Regular Facials and Treatments Recommended by a Plastic Surgery Med Spa in Kansas City

Facials and other treatments found in a med spa have been proven over time to greatly reduce acne and acne scarring in individuals. Treatments that reduce bacteria, clean out pores, and treat other skin conditions that contribute to acne breakouts are all important to maintaining healthy, acne-free skin. Professionals at a med spa can recommend what facials and treatments will be best for you based on your individual skin type.

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